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New Episode Of The Podcast! All The Happy News!


Ah, the deluge of pessimism.

You writhe and gasp as you become submerged, your eyes in one last glimpse of glittering sunlight.

Your dreams are vanquished—

Oh, shut the hell up.

As a mentally vulnerable species, we require HAPPY NEWS to sustain our energies, so in this week’s episode, I’ve got the antidote to all the nonsensical, collectivist panic.

I have three news articles—of dubious origins and veracity—that will enliven your soul: A young YouTuber’s exploitive Millennial parent’s find viral fame; another little boy is reunited with an Artificial Intelligent version of his dead Grandmother and a final news story about a GenX’er buying a bookstore.

It’s all here to warm your soul…

Take a listen to Episode 34 Of The Weekly Cynic Podcast: All The Happy News!

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