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On This Very Day Of Our Lord, February 28th 2019…

Episode 26 Of The Weekly Cynic Podcast is undergoing the Hindenburg Editing treatment. Minute 15 of a remaining 1 hour or so.

The Topic? The Dying Dead Media.

This episode will be a dive into the January 2019 collapse of our Millennial and Legacy media. The day when BuzzFeed, Vice, HuffPo and Gannet Newspapers unleashed redundancies upon the world… Should we have been surprised? Fuck no…

Also, I’m beginning work on Sunday, Scoffs & Smirks…


I updated the Support Page

Right now, this writing, podcasting thing is what I do. This creator thing.

The future is supporting your Small, Local, Indie, Organic Creator.

Also, your money can help create a recording studio.

And, help me pay bills.

(My Wife would be…happy, to say the least.)

I would like to build on this little creative career, journey…whatever, but at some point, giving away your precious babies for free…hurts.

But, here’s the deal: I look at these subscription platforms as extensions of this site’s writing and podcast. I’m just doing some extras for those who want to support me. Little Thank You Creations, that I know I have the time, energy and ambition to perform.

I’ve selected three subscription platforms: Patreon, SubscribeStar and Substack Newsletters.

All Three Are LIVE…

So, if someone does SUBSCRIBE…

You Start Getting Goodies THE FIRST WEEK OF MARCH 4th


Sunday, Scoffs & Smirks goes behind a Paywall, essentially.

Each subscription platform will have the same creative pieces, though, depending on subscriber feedback and input, the mini-blog and mini-podcast could be tailored to those subscribers on a particular platform.

Here’s what you get:

Sunday, Scoffs & Smirks: A Weekly Review (I really like writing this goddamn thing)

A Weekly Random Musings Piece

And, A Weekly Mini-Podcast.

The Weekly Musings could be answering reader/listener questions, behind-the-scenes, small piece of fiction or observations… The kind of quick inspiration that never get published on the site or social media, but I scribble down in a notebook that no one but me ever sees.

The Mini-Podcast?

Maybe a small, experimental collage of words, music and sound. Or story. Or reader/listener feedback. Sometimes those quick bursts of inspiration and musings convey through sound better than writing…

Here’s thing, these things can evolve. They can be tailored to you, the reader and listener.

Hell, you may even get a sneak peak of my finished novel.

Thank you, to everyone who reads, listens and subscribes.

Email with any questions…

New Episode, No Fiction This Week...

Episode 25 Of The Weekly Cynic Podcast Is Now Out!