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A Slow Thaw Return...

The Scottish Fold is recovering with a batch of antibiotics—and possible steroids—but we’re still uncertain of her long-term prognosis.

For a—possibly—20 year old cat, the recovery time is grueling.

But, she no longer requires nightly care like she did last week, so I’ve been able to return to a regular sleep schedule.

And, in my regular bed, not a decorative Victorian couch.

As of today, I’m anticipating there will be a new Podcast episode this week, along with a fictional blog post and a Sunday Smirks & Scoffs…

Last week was a mental and physical drain—along with some other stuff outside the orbit of The Scottish Fold—so, normalcy seems to be settling in.

And, I need to get back to mediating.

Happy Mental Health Week To Me!

And, you guys and gals, too…



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