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Of Time In The Festive Period: Holiday Schedule, Podcast And Patreon.

The “Festive Period” surges, gorging on time, energy and concentration.

Birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas parties dominate the December calendar.

Personal commitments, those of friends, family, wife and house husbandry, pounce on the scraps.

And a St. Bernard puppy.

And a live-in Father-In-Law.

(but, he makes beautiful, exuberant blends of coffee, so its all good)


Some developing family issues.

I endeavor to create three to four blogs a week—depending on their evolutionary complexity and at least one mini story/satire video—but, as I stare at the calendar’s upcoming weeks, I can assure you, my output will be irregular until January 2019.

The Podcast?

For a year and half, and across two shows, I’ve been developing, researching, writing, collaborating, editing and marketing a weekly podcast. It’s a gratifying project. But…when my writing is my primary outlet of creative expression and content creating (shiver), a weekly podcast, if I don’t want it to be a tedious, rambling, drunken, auditory debacle, demands a ridiculous amount of time.

Also, I’m trying to evolve the goddamn thing. 

What can do I differently? Audio stories? Experimental soundscapes that blend fiction and commentary? Maybe quick, mini-episodes? 

Over a year ago, when I quit the grind, I simply wanted to finish and edit my novel, a story that had evolved over 10 years of writing, editing, scratching, crying, rewriting. I wanted to find an agent. I wanted a contract. A hardcover debut novel.


That seems so… mainstream.

So, as that childhood dream matures, I want this whole writing, blog, podcasting thing to evolve and challenge the preconceptions of my childhood dreams.

Also, these little 40 second videos, these winking nods to the old 1990s Saturday Night Love, Jack Handey Deep Thoughts, are fulfilling and fun attempts at exploring those quick bursts of inspiration one gets from observing life.


That Patreon thing?

(Or, is that Subscribe-Star?)

(I waited to see what Kickstarter did with Drip…)

(And yes, long term, it’s a fully integrated membership/paywall/website…)

(Also, if you would like to support me now, there is a Donate link on this site)

In 2019, I want to fully unleash that beast.

But, not only for myself, but for my patrons, there has to be a consistent, creative rhythm that produces meaningful value. 

I don’t want my patrons to feel cheated, both by this site, and what extras I create on Patreon.

The tiers that now exist, I envision tweaking before officially unveiling.

I mean, my wife would really appreciate some money from this writer/podcaster/creator, but… ah, so is the creative life.


Also, thank you to the all the new RSS subscribers.

I reallyreallyreallyreally appreciate it.

And, again, since my social media accounts will simply become outlets to announce new blogs, videos and podcasts, (Though, I like creating stuff for Instagram) this Updates page will be essential to getting the low down on all things Cynical.

Also, if you have any feedback and ideas on the Patreon tiers, email me.

Oh…if there is no Update until then, Merry Christmas and shit…

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