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Sunday, Scoffs And Smirks: Edition 7


A Newsletter That’s Not A Newsletter…

A Scoffing, Smirking Review Of The Week

Criminalizing Your Voice…

The Prison Industrial System, in cahoots with our benevolent Government and Silicon Valley overlords, have a new, ingenious method of monetizing and perpetually criminalizing criminals: Voice Recognition.

From Der Intercept:

“In New York and other states across the country, authorities are acquiring technology to extract and digitize the voices of incarcerated people into unique biometric signatures, known as voice prints. Prison authorities have quietly enrolled hundreds of thousands of incarcerated people’s voice prints into large-scale biometric databases. Computer algorithms then draw on these databases to identify the voices taking part in a call and to search for other calls in which the voices of interest are detected. Some programs, like New York’s, even analyze the voices of call recipients outside prisons to track which outsiders speak to multiple prisoners regularly.”


“Authorities and prison technology companies say this mass biometric surveillance supports prison security and fraud prevention efforts. But civil liberties advocates argue that the biometric buildup has been neither transparent nor consensual. Some jurisdictions, for example, limit incarcerated people’s phone access if they refuse to enroll in the voice recognition system, while others enroll incarcerated people without their knowledge. Once the data exists, they note, it could potentially be used by other agencies, without any say from the public.”

You got stocks in Prison Technology Companies?

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C’mon, My Newsletter Out Doom & Glooms Marc Faber And Peter Schiff Combined!

And, Finally:

“New York’s Department of Corrections, which incarcerates just under 50,000 people, confirmed that approximately 92 percent of its population had been enrolled in the voice recognition system. State corrections authorities for Florida, Texas, and Arkansas, which hold about 260,000 prisoners combined, also confirmed that they are using Investigator Pro’s voice recognition technology. Connecticut and Georgia’s state corrections systems, which incarcerate roughly 13,000 and roughly 52,000 people, respectively, have also purchased Securus’s voice-print technology.”

Look, you Prisoner Rights Activist, this whole Minority Report Pre-Crime, Biometric-Voice-Print Thingy is no big deal, OK? We are protecting people. Suspicious Activity is leading to intervention. The entire criminal enterprise that is within The Prison Industrial System, that Prisoner owned and operated black market, is being disrupted and dismantled.

It’s for the Prisoner’s own good.

Got it?

I mean, everyday your community organizing plots and Starbucks orders are being recorded by your iPhone, Alexa and that android iRobot vacuum cleaner, compiled and then transmitted to Jeff B, Mark Z and entire departments at The NSA.

But, I don’t hear you advocating for the rights of Edward Snowden, do I?

He’s what? Putin’s Pawn?

Ah, don’t worry, I’m sure Obama will get around to reforming the Prison System…

Wait, what? If only he had another 12 years?


New England Upper Class Brunette Hottie, Hope Hicks…

Vanity Fair, the self-reverential tabloid for America’s Upper Class (The Upper Class are those that make millions being employed by The Ruling Elite) have a breathless, flattering, PR piece about the former Ralph Lauren model and interim White House Communications Director, Hope Hicks.

Oh, also, Vanity Fair is one of the Ruling Elite’s favorite devices of aspirational social engineering:

Yes, Fly-Over-State Bred New York City Publishing Intern, you have to have that Chanel clutch to even begin fantasizing about Chip From Boston whose family owns a Hamptons Weekend Estate…

The article is a slick Résumé Advertisement for Hick’s potential Hollywood employers brimming with signifiers of her Upper Class privilege: Greenwich, Connecticut, Generational References, Capital Hill, Ralph Lauren, Lettered In Swimming, Captain Of Lacrosse Team, Majored In English Literature, Manhattan, Ivanka Trump, Kushner, Decamped, Private Equity, Polo Lounge, Plaids, East Coast…

Because, you know when those of proper New England breeding bomb out of Washington DC—and look this good—they’re invariably prepared for a moderately humiliating Weinstein’ing to ascend the Hollywood hierarchy.

Now, remember that poor Fly-Over-State Bred New York City Publishing Intern? When she invariably goes broke chasing her Lena-Dunham-Millennialized-Sex-In-The-City Dreams, she will decamp to Hollywood, too. But, she’s really gonna have to earn her cum points to achieve anything remotely near Hope Hick’s future role as Indie Movie Producer.

Yeah, here’s a quick lesson in reality, Millennial Feminists: Debasing yourself for fame is never gonna go away. Too many wannabe actors, actresses, directors, even screenwriters, will sacrifice mind, body, morals and soul for fame and clichéd fortune.

Harvey Weinstein was a controlled take-down.

And #MeToo is a contrived social engineering movement.

Oh, and before I forget, understand the dynamics of Hierarchical Systems Of Power and The Human Mind.

Take care…

Speaking Of Selling Your Soul For Money…

Millennialist Cultural Arbiters sure are bewildered by the onslaught of stories pertaining to #MeToo and its elemental truth of how Hierarchical Systems Of Power Exploit Beautiful Women.

Yep, and when you add Big Pharma Sales Rep to that bewildering scenario, well, its one helluva an article for Condé Nasts’ Hip Silicon Valley rag, Ars Technica.

(You know, the same Condé Nast that owns the Vanity Fair brand.)

From Ars Technica:

“A former regional sales director for Insys Therapeutics allegedly gave a lap dance to a doctor as the company was pushing him to prescribe its deadly opioid painkiller to patients. That’s according to multiple reports of testimony given Tuesday from a former Insys colleague in a federal court in Boston.”

That former regional sales director for Insys Therapeutics is—man, if you’re familiar with Porn Star names, I ain’t making this up—Sunrise Lee.

According to that Ars Technica article,

“In testimony Tuesday…former sales representative Holly Brown made the lap-dancing allegation against her former boss, Lee. Brown testified that in mid-2012 she, Lee, and other sale representatives took one Dr. Paul Madison to a club after a dinner event sponsored by Insys. Brown said that her superiors had told her to focus on Dr. Madison, who was known for prescribing a lot of opioids. She described his office as a “shady pill mill” in a “dingy strip mall in a not-so-nice area of town,” according to reports….Brown recalled an encounter she witnessed that night between Lee and Madison, saying, “She was sitting on his lap, kind of bouncing around, and he had his hands all over her chest.’’

And, the money shot:

“Lee, a former stripper, had no experience in the pharmaceutical industry before working at Insys, prosecutors noted. According to Bloomberg, court documents reveal that Insys whistle-blowers quoted Burlakoff as saying that “doctors really enjoyed spending time with [Lee]” and that she was “more of a closer.”

I mean, in Ms. Lee’s defense, every year, attractive ex-sorority princesses choose lucrative careers as Big Pharma Sales Reps. And, why wouldn’t they? It’s simply an extension of their sorority social conventions: The Corporate Big Pharma jargon of teamwork is exactly the same as their facade of sisterhood, where everything is premised on indoctrination and strategic, exploitive relationships!

(And, Fraternities are the same!)

Also, all those ex-sorority princesses turned Big Pharma Sales Reps get invited to Big Pharma Getaways, Retreats and Golf Outings where they wear their favorite flirty skirts and designer high heels!

Those geriatric doctors love those Big Pharma Sales Getaways and Retreats, too! All day long there is nothing but golf, booze and plenty of attractive Big Pharma Sales Reps strutting about provocatively flicking their blonde tresses and giving giggly sales presentations!

There is no need to swallow any little blue pills on this day, right, Doc?

The only people who have to worry about swallowing are all those attractive Big Pharma Sales Reps!


Yes, Millennialist Feminists, in the “real world” #MeToo is sacrificed for sales bonuses!

I mean, did you see that BMW advertisement in the latest Vanity Fair?


What really is the story within this Ars Technica article is the continual, blatant, inhumane destruction wrought by Big Pharma…

But, tabloid headlines like lap dance is just so important in this #MeToo Era!

The Mystery Of Maduro’s Gold…

As our Globalist Ruler’s continue their regime change in Venezuela, the plundering of the country’s gold reserves begins.

Over two days, the snarky Austrian-Economics-Anarchist trolls at Zerohedge were following a series of news stories about a possible scheme involving Russia scooping up 20 tons of Venezuelan gold.

“…Bloomberg is reporting that a mysterious Russian Boeing 777 had landed in Caracas on Tuesday and ferried away 20 tonnes of gold - equivalent to roughly 20% of the country's holdings of the shiny metal - to an unknown location with little explanation. The story cited a "bombshell tweet" sent by Venezuelan lawmaker Jose Guerra, a "former central bank economist who remains in touch with old colleagues there", and the "welter of social media speculation" that followed (though Guerra provided no evidence).”


Russia desperately wants a return of its Venezuelan investment before the US Military/CIA Operation takes full control.

(But, JM! Trump & Putin Are Lover Boys! Why Would They Be Vying For Gold! It’s All A Ploy! Resist! Collusion! The Future Is Female! I’m Offended By The Misogynistic Undertones Of This Week’s Sunday, Scoffs & Smirks!)

Of course, Russia denies this cargo lift of gold.

On January 31st, Zerohedge had its second article about Venezuela and its gold reserves. This time, 18 tons of gold was being shipped to the United Arab Emirates.

“Venezuela has sold and shipped three tons of central bank gold to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on January 26 and is preparing to ship 15 more tons, according to Reuters. At today's spot price of $1,320 per ounce, the sale will total roughly $760 million USD.”


Sold, you say?

On Feb 1st—and updated on Feb 2nd—Bloomberg reported that the “mysterious” Russian cargo plan rescue of gold was blocked by possible US sanctions.

An interesting quote from that Bloomberg article,

“The blocking of the 20-ton shipment comes just a week after the Bank of England denied Maduro’s request to withdraw $1.2 billion of gold stored there.”

Oh, and before I forget, Turkey has been warned by “Western Governments” from engaging in anymore Venezuelan gold buying, according to a BBC report.

Remember, Uncle Putie and Turkey’s President Erdogan are best buddies.

Why, a few weeks ago, they just had another bro-fest.


Makes you wonder, what did the two of them really discuss during that meeting?

And, why are all these countries with Central Banks battling for gold?

Keynesian Monetary Theory has condemned gold as a barbarous relic.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, famously shrugged, Gold Isn’t Money.

Yet, our Government has seized its citizen’s own gold—For An Austrian Economics Perspective, click here—and enjoyed gobbling up other countries treasures.

So, what’s the Accelerating Trend, with Maduro’s Gold?


The Ruling Class, with their minions in Academia, Government and Media, have excised the idea of gold from the collective mindset. Gold is simply some silly cartoon plot device. It’s something a Doomsday Survivalist hordes. Ron Paul? Gold Standard? Nonsense from the fringes.

Go about survival, Earthling…

There is nothing to see here.

(Just like the inside of Fort Knox! Ha!)

And, Finally: A Follow Up…

From Edition 3 Of Sunday, Scoffs & Smirks: The Future Is Not Human, A Chinese Scientist & His Designer Babies.

If you remember, Chinese scientist, He Jiankui engineered himself some test tube babies.

Supposedly, the Scientific Community was just wowed by such news.

Could. Not. Believe. It.



Guess what?

The Scientific Community did know!



Futurism headline: “Nobel Prize Winner Knew About Gene-Edited Babies, Kept Quiet.”

From that article:

“He Jiankui, the Chinese researcher who drew wide criticism when it emerged that he gene-edited several human babies, told an influential adviser about the work many months before it became public. Though Nobel Prize winner and University of Massachusetts professor Craig Mello admonished He that the work was unethical, according to emails obtained by the Associated Press, Mello didn’t go public with the revelation — and stayed on as an adviser to He’s company until news broke about the controversial experiment.”

I will allow you to read the rest of the Futurism article, but no one should be surprised by the secretive fraternity of the Science Community.

As Always, Thank You For Reading.

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And, As Always, Stay Cynical, My Friends.

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