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Sunday, Scoffs And Smirks: Edition 4


A Newsletter That’s Not A Newsletter…

A Scoffing, Smirking Review Of The Week

Starbucks Phonies Haven’t Seen Nothing Yet…

Starbucks, the aspirational brand posing as a coffee company, whose logo is glorified throughout Instagram and city streets by blonde, Yoga svelte female adherents to signify their availability to male Harvard graduates whose genetic lineage guarantees careers and lifestyles of Governmental and Corporate supremacy, has significantly lost it luster to this cynic…

In the fecal smeared streets of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, a Hilton Hotel with the Frenchified aura of prestige, Parc 55 (The Starbucks blonde just ADORES this place) is fleecing The JP Morgan Healthcare Conference—

Ah, yes… the merging of Big Banking and Big Health! When you hear JP Morgan And Healthcare Conference, it should give every blue-haired, body positive Millennial the shivers…The Ben and Jerry’s shivers! OOOOHHHHHH!!! B&J are so diverse and inclusive, it’s gotta be good for me!

Okay, back to JP Morgan …

Parc 55 is charging our favorite crony capitalists at JP Morgan $170 for a gallon of coffee.

Broken down, that’s $21 a cup.

That’s affluence gauging.

Who the fuck cares…

Why should anyone be surprised?

Everyday your beloved Government blithely overpays because jaded bureaucrats in the Pentagon and other assorted, unremarkable agencies simply sign off on those piddly, annoying contracts…

Here is a famous example

Anyway, as Robert Wenzel would say over at the Economic Policy Journal,

Thanks Federal Reserve!


Reminds me of the Oligarchy inflation at Davos from a few years ago…

Fuck Dah Man!

I thought in New England the rebels resided in New Hampshire?


Oh, wait… It’s Western Mass.

All the conformists, like the Starbucks Blonde, reside in the Eastern part of the state.

They love Big Business in Bahston!

Oh, you wanna know what I’m talking about?

Fuck off, Cumcast!

After years of Governmental and Corporate dawdling, the small, remote, sparsely populated” (Red-Votin’-Trump-Lovin’-Hill-Billy-America) Massachusetts town of Claremont voted on constructing its own broadband network, paying a million dollars more than what Comcast had finally offered.

Some of the denizens of Claremont expressed their disillusionment with Corporate America, especially its automated, frustration inducing foreign accented script readers posing as customer service (okay, I added that part) as rationale for shrugging off Comcast.

Others, took pride in the independence from Big Crony Capitalist Corporations.

That the local contractor, with its local service and competitive pricing, was in it for the long haul…

Will Claremont become a symbol for the small, rural, isolated villages and towns of America (you know, the Real America), those vilified, neglected and asset-stripped from Crony Capitalism, to regain their pride and independence?

Is Claremont part of The New Cynics Movement?


Is Claremont an accelerating trend for 2019?

Ummm… Can We Pay Them To Just, I Dunno, Like, Leave?

When I read this article on Zerohedge, I thought, This Is Gonna Be From Some Wonky Blog, A Poorly Translated Rendering From Some European Alt-Right Ranter Banned By Patreon And Endorsed By Gavin McInness…

Oh, it’s actually taken from Canada’s National Post?

(Hmmm… What is the National Post signaling with publishing this story?)

Yes, in Germany, Migrants are now being kindly bribed to go home.

“Germany has been flooded this holiday season with billboards offering illegal migrants a bribe to leave — free rent for a year at home. Your country. Your future. Now!” displayed in seven languages, jumps off nearly 2,500 screens in 80 cities.”



‘Tis been the word of choice over the last few years when describing the tide of humanity on Europe’s shorelines…


The campaign to entice migrant refugees to venture back to their United-States-Military-Industrial-Complex-And-Its-European-Allies ravaged and asset-stripped countries, is called Returning From Germany. Migrants who’ve ditched their deportations are now being lured from their jobs as groundskeepers and janitors in lower league German fussball clubs to pocket a few bucks for a return voyage—not on a Soros financed barge, I betcha ya—home.

Of course, Do-Gooderist Lawyers are Outraged!

The lawyer, Meike Riebau, is also a “migration expert” at Save the Children Germany.

I’m choking on the virtue.

Like this photo of Nancy Pelosi…

Exploit, monetize, politicize and destroy all human life, but, remember, SAVE THE CHILDREN!

Apologies for a late and brief Scoffs & Smirks this week, I wasn’t feeling well and I was attending to a sick cat…

Thank You for reading and always,

Stay Cynical, My Friends.

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