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Sunday, Scoffs And Smirks: Edition 6


A Newsletter That’s Not A Newsletter…

A Scoffing, Smirking Review Of The Week

Do Millennials Finally Understand Satire & Irony, Or, Ummm…What Vox? Or, This Section Is About The Frankfurt School

This morning, I was stunned by this Vox’s article’s headline, “If You Want To Understand The Age Of Trump, Read The Frankfurt School.”

“Ah, levity,” I thought. “Some Onion-esque, self-parody.”


The article was originally posted in December of 2016, but has breathlessly reemerged from the archives for its timeless relevance…

(Facepalm) Lord.

Another example of the Millennialist Intellectual vacuum.

Or, pink, frilly, lavender scented Intellectual Bubble.

But, really, for all Millennials, it should be The Barack Obama Intellectual Vacuum.


If Barack Obama had a Designer cologne, it would be…

Obama: Delusion.

Delusion By Arrogance.

Annnnnd that’s what this article reeks of! Delusion!

The premise is detached from the greater political, social and cultural argument that has ensnared Academia, Activists and The Neue-Philsophers of YouTube for the last ten years or so: The Isms.

Of course, for those with degrees in the social sciences or English Literature—like myself, and I ain’t braggin’, believe me—we’re familiar with The Isms of Literary/Social/Critical Theory and it’s founders at, guess what…?

The Frankfurt School!

The Isms of course became weaponized during the glorious reign of Obama.

(My opinion on The How’s and Why’s…)

For those unfamiliar with The Isms, it’s now been encapsulated for easy digestion into Identity Politics.

You may have heard this term, and its associated ideas, over the last ten years within the spittle and screams of Outrage Culture, Hipster Academics, Socialist Politicians, Three Letter Network Shills and innumerable Jordan Peterson clips.

Identity Politics has come to represent the Political, Social and Cultural landscape of The Obama Years.

And, Post-Obama Years.

You know, these Trump Years.


This is The Age Of Ideologies, after all.

Which perfectly explains this Vox article’s—in the parlance of today’s Political, Social and Cultural pundits—tone deaf nature.

Take for example this exchange between the article’s writer and some intellectual stalwart at the ahem The Guardian, who wrote a fantastically titled book, Grand Hotel Abyss: The Lives Of The Frankfurt School.

“Sean Illing: The Frankfurt School lost its luster decades ago. Do you see their ideas making a comeback given all these political and cultural transformations?

Stuart Jeffries: Definitely. There's a lot to learn from the critical theorists, whatever your politics might be. They have a lot to say about modern culture, about what's wrong with society, and about the corrupting influence of consumerism. That alone makes them essential today.”

Making a comeback?

AOL Instant Messenger ROFL’ing.

As the Conservatards would laugh, Trump Derangement Syndrome is incurable with these two.

Anyway, I’m sure, even though this a re-blog article, this could be an Accelerating Trend: The Millennialist-Libtard-Socialist-Marxist Reclamation Of Literary/Social/Critical Theory…

Oh, and, kiddies, it’s just a “Theory.”

Speaking Of Delusion, The Guardian And Failed Politicians… And The Uncertain Use Of Satire & Irony.

I had another moment of, Satire? Irony? Self-Parody this week when I was reviewing another dour, Millennialist-Outrage Rag: The Guardian.

British-Millennialist Outrage Rag, I should, amend…

Their section Pass Notes, which describes itself as “A quick chat designed to tell you everything you need to know about a story you don't need to know about” is essential reading for the listicle devotee who demands an occasional dose of intellectual rigor.


Former UK Prime Minister and scion of Panama Papers Wealth, David Cameron was the subject of this edition of Pass Notes, filed under the sub-section of Men’s Hair.

Yes, click the link to allow yourself a glorious glimpse of profundity on all things Men and Hair!

(Only a writer within the confines of a Mens Lifestyle format and versed in Literary/Social/Critical Theory, could imbue relevance and vitalness upon a section called Men’s Hair… This is why it’s ever more critical you support The Guardian!)

Anyhoo, Cameron’s latest, expensive snip and style of hair was described as “Short, neat, chastened.”

An excerpt:

Chastened? Yes.

About calling the 2016 referendum? What else?

He’s saying sorry with his hair? People are desperate for him to say sorry with something, and last week he was pictured jogging, with hair much shorter than he has had before, cropped close on the back and the sides.

(Yes, that damn elitist is symbolically seeking absolution for his flippant call for the Brexit referendum. )

A referendum that was proclaimed as Britain’s savior, to wrestle its sovereignty from those pompous bureaucrats in Brussels. A referendum led by Nigel Farage, whose UKIP party typified the xenophobic, parochial, pastoral mindset of Keeping Up Appearances “Little Britain.”

Er, or something like that, I guess…

And, I forgot, all the other Isms of The Frankfurt School!

We should remember, Britain has always been multi-cultural! Inclusive! Diverse! A refuge for those fleeing the war zones of British-American imperialism!

You know, those from Bongo Bongo land!

(UKIPs Geoffrey Bloom gives his rationalization of the term…)

Of course, David Cameron should realize how complicit he is for igniting this global populist revolution! Especially in America with Trump and all his—



I’m over it.

And now for something completely different…

Another Bout Of Delusion…AND American Imperialism! Or, Brah, It’s Called Regime Change!

This week the Ostracized Intellectual Left, from Max Blumenthal, Abby Martin to all the other Truth-Diggers and Alter-Net’ers, went apoplectic (the examples are too numerous to cite) when Emperor Trump recognized the CIA’s presumptive new dictator of Venezuela, Juan Guaido.

Yes, The Ostracized Intellectual Left’s favorite charlatan martyr, Nicolás Maduro, (his predecessor, Chavez, is a deity) is starting to feel the despots noose, figuratively, tighten.

Maduro’s leadership, and affection for his populace is well known. Especially in September of 2018, when the streets of Venezuela were a fiery Antifa paradise, Maduro and his Wife had a private, intimate dinner in…Turkey. Yes, World famous butcher—ah, no wonder Millennials love Maduro! It’s his appreciation for the craft and artisanship of meat preparation—Nusret Gokce, or Salt Bae, entertained the world leader with his theatrical, ceremonial, oddly homo-erotic routine of meat carving.

(Yeah, watch the video in the link…)

But, I’m supposed to be outraged! by another CIA/Military Industrial Complex/Bankster attempt at regime change?


Observations On An Accelerating Trend: Smallness

A few weeks ago, Paul Jarvis released his latest book, Company Of One: Why Staying Small Is The Next Big Thing For Business.

I know nothing of Jarvis, he could be just another one of those insipid purveyors of Malcom Gladwell’isms, another TED Talker who distills The Big Questions And Worries Of Everyday Living into ludicrously simplistic anecdotes and precepts for soon-to-be severanced Middle Managers and start-up wannabes.

As The Amazon blurb states, “Company of One is a refreshingly new approach centered on staying small and avoiding growth…”

Avoiding Growth.

Numbers. Profit. Scale. Stock Price Fluctuations. Keynesian Deficit Spending. A Hedge Funders Bank Account… Capitalism, goddamnit! Everything is predicated on Growth.

Of course, Humanity is burned out on growth.

It’s been dehumanized by Growth.

The pursuit of expanding Numbers!Numbers!Numbers creates havoc.

Scale down, declutter your life, sell The McMansion, and get yourself a Tiny House.

The idea of Degrowth, has always been with humanity.

Leopold Kohr was a “philosophical anarchist” who warned us about today’s infatuation with expansion and domination.

Small Is Beautiful, according to Professor Kohr.

His most famous student was economist E.F. Schumacher who published Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered.

Bigger Is Not Always Better.

We’ve been conditioned for Bigger Is Better.

It’s a Lie.

Like every “philosophy” that is lauded as the foundation of human society and culture.

Everything is a ruse to entrap us; to Exploit And Monetize our minds, bodies and souls.

Ideas For Better Living have always existed, kiddies…

Oh, and, whatever you do, don’t listen to your Frankfurt School indoctrinated Professor, Millennialist Writer, Philosopher, Advocate, Allie, Activist.

Thank You For Reading.

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And, As Always, Stay Cynical, My Friends.

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