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As Free Thinkers, most realize during youth, whether it is a natural aversion, or by being excluded from the dominate cool clique, that participation is conformity. As little humans, we’re indoctrinated early, parental and societal pressure goading us to sign-up, try out, go out for any and all clubs, organizations and teams. These seemingly innocent endeavors are our first phase of programming, these barcoded labels like sporty, bookish, gamer, artistic imprinted upon our vulnerable brain DNA. As we enter the confines of The Education System, these labels are scanned, inventorying us into the systematic social hierarchies, or Mindsets, of Preps (Power), Pretty (Aspirational) Jocks (Followers), Nerds (Cultivators), Rebels (Phonies) And Outcasts (Free Thinkers). While in The Education System, our brain DNA is fully downloaded with the conventions, philosophies, and tropes of our defined hierarchies, you know, the required thought processes, or How We Are Now Conditioned To Think. Of course, there is cross-pollination between the Preps, Pretty, Jocks, Nerds, Rebels and Outcasts—example, think of the interplay between these dynamics on a college campus—because there has to be, as our brain DNA must be receptive to allow the continual upgrading of our programming. 

After we graduate from The Education System, we’re thrust into the world, where on a daily basis, through our work environment, mass culture or just navigating the annoyances of life, we’re confronted with these Mindsets as they intermingle, vie for power, relevance and acceptance: Jocks, their brains having been thumped with rigid mantras of teamwork and winning, are constantly hyping sales, numbers and other assorted financial instruments as they cravenly suffer for their Prep bosses, who proclaim their superiority, divinely endowed to lead the masses while sneering at the Nerds who are teaching, do-gooding and Hoping To Make The World A Better Place… The Rebels convey aloofness, but are always eager to participate in the dialogue of the day by exhibiting their artistic endeavors to prod and provoke the Preps, but never outing them (think of documentarian/activist Michael Moore mindset). What of the Pretty? With a formidable awareness of their idolization, they are observing, calculating, and adaptive, their alliances across Preps, Jocks and Nerds simply to ensure survival...


As an Outcast, the Free Thinker, you’ve generally navigated these Mindsets without becoming ensnared, lingering at the periphery of the party, selecting a flute or two of champagne from a passing tray, while engaging in terse conversation and polite—though silently interpreted as condemning—smiles. Okay, let’s be honest, those smiles, really are smirks, because how can any Free Thinker observing this ravenously selfish, incestuous group flattering and fellating each other, not ruefully grin? 

In 2016, the Free Thinker was confronted with that most insidious party of the Mindsets, that quadrennial spectacle know as The Presidential Election. It is America’s most cherished collective procedure, this appointing of a new Ruler, elevating criminals, millionaires, billionaires and those with Political Science and Law degrees to purported positions of power so they can seemingly legitimatize institutional corruption to inflict laws, regulations and pain against the populace and other humans across the planet.

This election year was a cavalcade of maliciousness, heinous rhetoric and theatrical punditry. The Three Letter Networks, for those Free Thinkers able to endure for sheer amusement, were an insufferable blitz of insulting, mind numbing propaganda. The Great Institutions Of Legacy Journalism, those prestigious symbols of our cultural capitals and intellectualism, became even more insular and self-aggrandizing, saviors of all Humanity and its 21st century morals, boasting that only one presidential candidate existed to uphold America’s virtues. Why was this even a presidential election, the headlines proclaimed. Democracy? Republic? No, they assured us, Coronate our New Queen and vanquish the peasantry!

Those of inquisitive intellects, of respectful and dutiful Founding Father allegiance, yearning for some spirited quarreling about Platforms, you know, the candidates personal philosophies of governance and leadership, were, well, shit-the-fuck-out-luck. Televised debates, where generations of voters could determine their favorite ruler by their gushing statements of American ideals and ethics, were reduced to Connor McGregor sound-bite spectacles of volleying buzzwords that incite HuffPo page-views and supply munitions of outrage to the insufferable, self righteous jabbering pundits of Three Letter Networks.

Oh, the buzzwords, uh? Deplorable. Racist. Xenophobic. Nazi. Fascist. Misogynist. Bern. Drain. MAGA… This was the Year Of The Politicized Buzzword, a set utilized by a shrieking, belligerent and at times, rampaging collective of #hashtag activists known as The Millennial Social Justice Warrior who’ve anointed themselves as saviors of those who’ve been victimized and oppressed by…uh, other Humans? Capitalism? Just Old White Men? The Patriarchy? Fascists? Nazis?

Of course, for us older Free Thinkers outside this Millennial Generation, it is possible to see the furtive, incremental manipulations of Academia, Politics and Globalists upon the Millennials and how they’re being social engineered into Humans devoid of critical thinking, individuality and spirit, so they will conform to a future dystopian Collective Ideology of Singularity.


My Generation of Free Thinkers, those of us in college or graduating college in the early 2000s—yeah, I’m getting old, kiddies—gravitated to the leafy, strolling avenue campuses of the Small, Private Liberal Arts College rather than those cavernous auditoriums of bunched, bored and insipid State School Drop-Outs To Be. We were attracted to English/Literature, that famously derided, perversely disastrous abyss of career opportunities. The turtleneck blazer brigade of imperialist tenured professors often tolerated the Free Thinker’s perspectives, explications and self-expression of The Great Works, as long as it somehow, someway ascribed to the long-dusted scholarly doctrines. 

But then, we were confronted with Literary Theory, or Critical Theory or, hell, as some professors boldly admitted, Social Theory. It was a Lens To Interpret The World, a device that would allow us to investigate literature, art, society and humanity through various theories of Feminism, Gender, Race, Capitalism—whoa, ummm, aren’t those all The Buzzwords of The Millennial Social Justice Warrior? 

So what happened? How did a philosophy, a theory, that allows us to examine, decipher and enlighten Humanity become such a divisive politicized Ideology? 

“Wwwweeeeelllll…” One of my old professors would reply with a sly, denouncing chuckle, “You really didn’t listen during my lectures, did you? If you had, you probably would have remembered that Critical/Literary/Social Theory derived from The Frankfurt School, whose founding members thought of themselves as outsider, free thinking Marxists.” He leaned over to me, “You know, those Marxists who despise Capitalism. Free Markets. Who wish to control everyone and everything via the collective.”

Oh, Prof, there you go, bolstering the favorite conservative media narrative that the Small, Private Liberal Arts College, especially those tucked in their Neo-Liberal New England enclaves, have become institutions of indoctrination, their curriculums festering with Marxist Propaganda…

“And evidently you don’t remember ol’ Professor KK? Everyone’s favorite little Marxist.”

Ah yes, Professor Keynes-Krugman. There was always that one Professor bred outside of Academia, that one of fervent absolutism that would proclaim Marxist/Socialism could indeed galvanize and equalize all of Humanity, because HE was THERE, at the front of the picket line, inhaling the gas, withstanding the rampant PIGS wielding their bludgeoning batons… Professor Keynes-Krugman taught that Wednesday night, advanced credit class, a hybrid Comparative Literature or Something Something Studies, the one you had to endure because it was vital to graduation. It was a three hour rambling, self-righteous sermon where his chalk hacked at the blackboard, unable to properly notate his admiration for Che. He was brooding, yet a weary dynamism flickered, convinced that you, there in your seat, were capable of The Revolution, one that was forever near, percolating, devising, organizing, and then, then, it would happen, man, one community organization at a time…

But that one Wednesday night, you got called into Work—because, yeah, my Generation had part-time jobs, while in College—and you thought you’d be honest, stop into his office and say, Hey Professor Keynes-Krugman, I’m gonna pick up a shift tonight at The Office Supply Conglomerate…

“Never devalue yourself for money,” Sneered Professor Keynes-Krugman, “Never commit yourself to some corporatized schedule dictated by some business management flunky, or burden yourself with the anxiety of infinite indebtedness to college loan companies, because one day, a great, socialist jubilee will free us all from Capitalistic serfdom…”

Sorry, Professor, I just--

“Once you have graduated to the machinations of the insidious Capitalist Economy,” Professor Keynes-Krugman warned, “You would understand that these days of intense, rigorous scholarship were the best you ever had.”

Yes, for those of the 2000s, The Ol’ Prof wasn’t hyperbolizing. We graduated college in a perilous period of the American Dream, an era of economic upheaval and despair by years of delusional deities in central banking, the infamous Dot Com Bust and Post-9/11 existential gloom. The job market was of uncertainty and stagnation as companies global and local halted hiring and trimmed and consolidated departments. The Liberal Arts Grad fantasizing of Bright Lights, Big City publishing careers, found that Globalist Big Media acquired and merged, further reducing opportunities in an already impossibly competitive industry. Dispirited by the meager options of insurance sales and janitorial services, grads gladly accepted student loan offers by Government and Too Big To Fail Banks so they could acquire multiple Bachelor and Master Degrees in finance and business, hoping to be propelled into high-end corporate careerism. 

But there were other grads, a frightened, flinching few who scurried back to the arms and charms of Academia, back to the office of Professor Keynes-Krugman.

“There, there, my children, I told you what a horrid place that Capitalist world was…” Cooed The Professor, warming the fireplace, preparing the green tea for the huddled and traumatized. “But here, children, we can recreate the world. You, WE will not be victims to this dehumanizing, capitalist world… We will become all! Working together, sweating together, a collective! To the library!”

There, among the library stacks, with its volumes of Great Works, was the source to understanding how this country—NO, Planet—was so irretrievably fucked and how it could be Changed: Literary/Critical/Social Theory. It would no longer be taught as some passive application for interpreting, it would now be weaponized, contorted to explain Humanity as victims who were exploited based on Gender, Race, Capitalism and all the associated isms of Literary/Critical/Social Theory.

Over the years, those frightened, meek grads, mentored by the revolutionary zeal of Professor Keynes-Krugman would become embolden by all the classes, seminars and dissertations devoted to Deconstructionism, Linguistics, Colonialism, Semiotics, Structuralism, Post-Structuralism and all the other isms. These grads would transform themselves into the Hip Young Professors of man buns, beards and Nirvana t-shirts. You know, those Professors who indoctrinate—I mean teach—young scholars the basics, the foundations of a Literary/Criticial/Social Theory Real World at that Small, Private Liberal Arts Colleges with its yearly tuition of, oh, let’s say, $54,000.

But, Parents, do not worry, because somewhere in those venerated, brick walls of that Small, Private Liberal Arts College, there is another group of revolutionary Professors, who upon graduation wanted something more Real World, wanted to add value to Humanity, just like Professor Keynes-Krugman had done, something influential, more grass roots, like becoming an activist for Humanity.

Those Professors went into Community Organizing.


Community Organizing is a term long stigmatized by Chicagoan socialist rebels like Saul Alinsky, The Weather Underground and Revolutionary/Communist Party USA. In 2008, Breitbartians and FoxNewers warned that another radical in that illustrious lineage of Chicago would emerge: Barack Obama. Our 44th President, a man of glorious, bombastic teleprompter oratory of Hope and Change, would—according to the Breibartians of the day—galvanize The Young, The Downtrodden and The Systematically Repressed to unleash a Marxist/Socialist Revolution.

So, uh, did he? 

As 2017 lumbers into the Trumpocracy, let’s take a moment of rationality unencumbered by the divisive, corrosive mentality of “politics,” to admit that none of us have yet to encounter a newly unveiled Karl Marx statue in their neighborhood, or received a Twitter notification from the alumni account of their Small, Private Liberal Arts College inviting them to a special christening event for that iconic Russian revolutionary. 

But, there is an activist fanaticism raging in America, from Berkeley to NYU, Millennial Social Justice Warriors demand resistance to the Trumpocracy and all it’s perceived repression and/or affinity of the isms. Some Three Letter Network Pundits dismiss this as adolescent petulance, a Generation reacting to their first spanking of life’s realities, though they fail to understand the Millennials relationship with the former Hip Young President, one that hooped it up, beer'ed it out and smirkingly puffed a few smokes. An April 10th 2009 New York Times article entitled “Community Organizing Never Looked So Good” profiled several young academics who were inspired by the newly elected President’s1995 memoir, “Dreams From My Father” to pursue poverty level salaries in community organizing.  Just like their other idol Professor Keynes-Krugman…

So, who the hell are The Millennials and why do they have such an attachment, a reverence for Barack Obama and activism? 

A December 2009 study by The Pew Research Center finalized the characteristics of this unique generation (italics mine):

  • They’re the most ethnically and racially diverse cohort of youth in the nation’s history
  • They are starting out as the most politically progressive age group in modern history
  • They are the first generation in human history who regard behaviors like tweeting and texting, along with websites like Facebook, YouTube, Google and Wikipedia, not as astonishing innovations of the digital era, but as everyday parts of their social lives and their search for understanding.
  • They are more inclined toward trust in institutions than were either of their two predecessor generations — Gen Xers (who are now ages 30 to 45) and Baby Boomers (now ages 46 to 64) when they were coming of age.

These characteristics all seem to reflect those of Barack Obama, himself. He was America’s first African American President. His 2008 campaign engaged followers by utilizing a three year old internet video platform called Youtube and he was also the first Presidential candidate to be endorsed by progressive advocacy group And, he also embodied the ultimate Institution, Government. Government as the impetus for Hope, Change and Revolution

The Millennials and Barack Obama were in parallel ascendency during the years when the great, gargantuan Melting Pot of America, with all its cultures, races, Freedoms, Dreams and Capitalism nearly imploded. A conspiratorial gloom prevailed; that grinning rictus of Dick Cheney symbolized a ruling dark cabal whose marionette, Good Ol’ Georgie Bush, smirked away as he raked the dust at his Hollywood set Texas ranch. Capitalist avarice was rampant after years of Ayn Randian solipsism espoused by a hobgoblin Federal Reserve Chairmen breathlessly referred to as The Maestro, had enriched the 1% and diminished the 99%. Wealth was abundant as gilded, indistinguishable rows of McMansions were erected in gated communities, while in the industrial wasteland of The City, tattooed, apathetic trust-funders transformed abandoned factories into loft living spaces as the minority, immigrant classes who had relied on those outsourced factory jobs, were unable to pay rent for their one-bedroom hovels in these newly gentrified neighborhoods. The Three Letter Networks smiled, lauding The Stock Market’s infinite, Heavenly trajectory, as bombs drop-drop-dropped in The Middle East…

President Obama inherited a disaster, but to divert a full-fledged cataclysm, he would enact The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) which would pour millions, billions, and trillions into the American economy as a form of stimulus. Under ARRA, which was slated to be, oh around 787 billion dollars, billions of that would be pumped into Education, most important for that Great Recession era, was of boasting Pell Grant funding. Pell Grants, under President Obama’s reign, would bloat to over $5,700 in 2014-2015. We were in those years, and as we are now in 2017, still in a Bill Clinton Service Industry Utopia, where the economy transitioned from production to services. So, more government subsidized education had to be increased to train the workforce of the future. Millions more of this stimulus were to fund Infrastructure, Tax Changes, Jobs and Communication.

Capitalism was incapable of providing equality to The Masses, so the Great, Grand Institution of Government, lead by Barack Obama would ensure that no matter one’s socioeconomic level or race, college was accessible, even to those prestigious Small, Private Liberal Arts Colleges.

But the great institution of The State cannot always be trusted, especially with the critical implementation of Hope and Change. All those billions of ARRA monies would have to be protected and allocated properly so bureaucratic parasites couldn’t suckle and divert. A great champion of the people would need to intervene, so The Star Coalition (States For A Transparent And Accountable Recovery), as their outdated website proclaims, would “Want stimulus spending to address vital social needs and benefit those most harmed by the failed economic policies of the past.” The site, created in 2009 and still operating in 2017 (though, the coalition itself appears to be defunct), reveals a list of its members. The members of the coalition, their links still viable, will direct the inquisitive to websites considered community organizations dedicated to the catchphrase of the year, Social Justice. Also, on The Star Coalition website, there is a link for The Coalition For Accountable Recovery. This organization, according to The Star Coalition, was a partner that “focused on getting the federal government to adopt the best transparency and accountability practices for the Recovery Act.” The website for this organization no longer exists, but on The Star Coalition site, a meeting agenda is displayed for May 10-12 2010. The opening speaker, listed as “Convening Sponsor” was from the Open Society Institute.  

Yeah, over the last year, the Open Society Institute garnered its share of political publicity, intrigue and conspiracy theories as it is the philanthropic foundation for billionaire financier George Soros. Mr. Soro’s vast Open Society actively or allegedly  funds an assortment of Neo-Liberal Causes from Hillary Clinton, Democrats, politicians, social justice radicals like Black Lives Matter and the recent Women’s March. Through awards, grants, donations, scholarships and fellowships, Open Society, according to their mission statement, “works to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.” 

So, what was Open Society doing “convening” all these groups in 2010? Apparently, according to Sorosfiles website (where I gathered my George Soros related information for this piece), Open Society wanted its share of ARRA money to influentially disburse amongst many community organizations as listed with The Star Coalition. Did it? I dunno. A peruse of the Sorsofiles website,  will take you to their 2010 bombshell expose on the supposed machinations of Open Society. Government websites, titled which, presumably back in 2010, disclosed ARRA recipients, are now dead links. 

Is this Sorosfiles site #fakenews? Breitbartian chicanery? Obama Administration conspiracy?

Did millions of ARRA money flow into private community organizations? Was this intentional Government activism? Another example of how Capitalism had failed to equalize, provide for all of America, so that Institution of Government would kinda, sorta initiate? All those academics who had been stirred by Barack Obama’s memoir to work for non-profit wages in community organizing could now live a little easier, right? Hell, not just them, but the communities they represented.

According to Breitbartians and FoxNewers of the day, such surreptitious maneuvers were to be expected by such a radical Obama Administration. During Obama’s fledgling presidency, accusations of leftist/communist/activist motivations were regular, as a quick internet search of “Obama AmeriCorps” will exhume all sorts of fun. Also, one could fall into the labyrinth of ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, considered another radical community organization that in 2008 attracted all sorts of issues for a then Senator Obama, and later a President Obama, until a combination of organizational implosion and The Financial Crisis of 08-09, (supposedly) ended its existence.

But, it was President Obama’s appointment of Eric Holder, a self-proclaimed “activist,” as the 82nd Attorney Journal of The United States that really ignited conservative ire. The most egregious act of Mr. Holder’s tenure, according to governmental watchdog groups such as Judicial Watch and The Government Accountability Institute (GAI), was as the Subprime Mortgage Debacle lurched into finalization, The Department of Justice issued threats of “federal lawsuits, protracted litigation, public relations nightmares, and in some cases, criminal prosecution” (GAI) at Too Big To Fail Banks under opaque charges of discriminatory lending practices. The Banks, fearful of anymore more bad publicity, no matter the circumstantial evidence, were willing to cooperate. The Banks were ordered—or as some would describe, extorted—to pay restitution to a Department of Justice approved list of left-leaning community organizations. According to GAI, over Mr. Holder’s tenure, more than $37 billion has been paid by U.S. banks under the threat of federal lawsuits and since 2009, millions of this restitution money has flowed into various community organizations like NeighborWorks and La Raza…

Is this Government corruption as usual? Quintessential Crony-Capitalism? The State consolidating power and profit? Manufacturing consent through popular policy and illusionary, political marketing?

Or sincere, activist Government enacting Hope and Change?


If you’re a Millennial Social Justice Warrior—no mocking, snarky, pejorative intended—realize that you’re not a victim of the isms, instead, you’re a victim of social engineering, programmed and manipulated by Academia, Politics and Globalists.

Your unique generational characteristics, having grown up in a multi-cultural, Globalist world with a seemingly innate acceptance and optimism for Humanity and it’s Institutions, is to be applauded, but it has left you vulnerable, naive.

You’ve matured in a multi-cultural America with its first African American President, a man who represents the highest Institution on the Planet; a POTUS who you’ve followed, liked and retweeted on social media, an entire internet platform that is dedicated to interacting and conforming by Retweeting, Reblogging, Liking, Fav’ing, not creating, not free thinking.

You’ve grown up in an American Economy asset-stripped by decades of Evil Capitalism (actually, it’s kinda Crony-Globalist Oligarcy…I would suggest speaking to the Austrian Economist on your campus—if one even exists), that nearly destroyed all of America, that probably obliterated your parent’s and grandparent’s retirements, forcing them to be slaves-to-the-wage until they heart-attack at their desks, strangulating the workforce with their presence, clogging the career ladder, creating little opportunities for you.

Because of this, Capitalism, appears to be a dehumanizing, annihilating philosophy. Again, we don’t live on a Planet, in a year, that remotely recognizes free trade.

But, because of Barack Obama’s munificent subsidization of Higher Education (and Private Lending Institutions offering cheap borrowing terms) college is affordable, even those traditionally expensive, exclusive Small Liberal Arts Colleges. Nestled and insulated behind those ivy walls, my Generation of Hip Young Professors, have anointed themselves as guardians, protectors, advocates, humanitarians of your Generation, creating sanctuaries against the vulgarity of American Racism, Capitalism and all the other isms of Literary/Critical/Social Theory.

The Hip Young Professors represent Institutional trust, so you don’t question them, their doctrines or their real world relevance.

You’re also taught by the Hip Young Activist Professors, who preach community activism as a battle; encouraging you to do the same, waging war on a grass roots level against this Fascist, Nazi Capitalist Trumpocracy. Of course, if the GAI investigation is to be trusted, Community Organizations now have large operating budgets for staff, recruiting and all sorts of other activism.

Both categories of these Hip Professors and your Small, Liberal Arts College also have relationships with Visiting Scholars, Visiting Fellows, Senior Fellows, Leaders and other assorted titles who are employed by the insidious and incestuous Globalist (Soros) funded NGOs, ThinkTanks, Institutes and Foundations who peddle all sorts of theories, studies and curriculum based on the isms.

As 2017 devolves into The Trumpocracy, I see that you and your comrades of Social Justice Warriors are resisting, smashing, mashing and crashing, agitated, in all probability, by a throng of Make-A-Quick-Buck-To-Bust-Shit-Up rioters, all the while chanting the now cliched isms posts daily articles of your Hip Young Activist Professors antics. 

Even high schoolers are marching through the streets, placards aloft, voices screeching #hashtags. 

While, California, so incensed with the rest of its sisters and brothers in the Racist Red States Of America, hope to incite a #Calexit, heralding a sovereign, socialist utopia.  

“This is revolution, resistance, activism…” You insist.

I smile. “I’m going to be blunt, but sincere. Your generation, The Millennial Social Justice Warrior is incapable of critical thought, unaware of its captivity and how it is permanently manipulated by its captors, those of Academia, Politics and Globalists, you know, those who produce the collective ideology so they can profit from it.”

Life on Planet Earth is predicated on profit, not the isms.

Unfortunately, you, The Millennial Social Justice Warrior are the advent of Humanity’s final Mindset: Singularity. This Mindset will temporarily slot in with the old, aging archetypes of Preps, Pretty, Jocks, Nerds, Rebels and Outcasts until it becomes the, er, single, dominant Mindset of Humanity. The Singularity, like you, The Social Justice Warrior, will function without critical, independent or individualistic thinking, but unlike you, they will not seek confirmation and validity through the conformity of the prevailing collective ideology, The Singularity, will be the collective ideology

The Singularity will not exist on a Planet dominated, or ruled by Fascism, Nazism, Globalism, Technocracy or even an Oligarchy, as it will not even be able to comprehend its own existence, only the downloaded collective ideology. 

To survive you must secure your Mind by extricating from the rampant, prevailing, toxic collective ideology whose purpose is to vanquish Free Thinking.

if you’re unwilling, maybe it’s Generation Z that will save Humanity.

GenerationX Burnout...