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To The Moon, Simple Human


Editors Note: Thank You To Doug In The CT For Sending The Bloomberg Article.

When babbling about The Moon, writer’s are prone to hackneyed imagery of primitive humans in their jungle garb engaged in mystified, inarticulate grunting as they gaze at that white, ghostly sphere in the sky…

If our sophisticated, enlightened selves believe this scenario, we’re forgetting the next panel in this evolutionary comic: Those primitive humans, in their slouched postures, shuffle back to their tribe to seek the wisdom of the Elders.

(Incomprehensible Sounds Of Primitive Tribesman Pointing At The Moon) Oh, great Elder! What is the meaning of that being hovering above us!

(Elder) Oh, my simpletons, that is a realm beyond your comprehension! Asking too many questions will lead to peril!

(The Tribesman Quake In Fear)

Today, while we blunder into oblivion entranced by the white, ghostly glow of our smartphone screens, our Elders are engineering their escape to The Moon.


According to this recent Bloomberg article, our Wise Elder’s are indeed plotting their celestial utopia.

But, this isn’t our Ruling Elders, those of everlasting power and wealth whose governmental relationships and corporations have plundered, polluted and corrupted this living, breathing organism called Earth and it’s imbecilic inhabitants… 

No, this is a group of altruistic, entrepreneurial, Silicon Valley technologists—aka self-anointed Wise Elders—who envision “catalyzing and enabling a peaceful and cooperative lunar settlement…to demonstrate a civic approach to participation (in lunar settlements).”

As the Bloomberg article states, this plucky collective will be vying with China, NASA, Rocket Lab and the American taxpayer subsidized, puff-piece artifice that is Elon Musk. And, they aren’t at all demoralized at the apparent start-up cost of 2 to 3 billion dollars.

“It’s a hefty sum, but a very achievable one in an era that abounds with wealthy space enthusiasts. And so, the friends decided to explore the idea of going to the moon in earnest.”

Yes, this is indeed the height of our Financialized Economy, a period where profitless startups have their IPO’s priced into the billions and venture capitalists fund the YOLO’isms of science fiction geeks.

But, allow me to suspend my critical skepticism.

Let us assume that there are no secretive United Nations/Major Super Power treaties that exist establishing lunar property allocation and ownership. 

Also, let us venture, that after decades of radical technological innovations, no Major Super Power’s have ever sent their own emissaries to the moon to form governmental outposts.


Not once. 

Cease with your conspiracy theories, YouTuber!

And, because Bill, Neil and 98% Of All Other Scientists Agree There Is No Intelligent Life On The Moon, these valiant lunar explorers will not be condemned as imperialists and colonists once they vanquish the moon’s indigenous cultures…

Oh, and if these private adventurers reach The Moon before any Major Super Power—because, somehow, remarkably, they were able to keep their processes and technologies safe from infiltration by public and private entities—they will be able to institute their own “experimental forms of governance” to live in peace and harmony?



Oh, Simple Human, do you ever think our Ruling Elders will let us escape this cage we call planet Earth? Somehow, you will be empowered to explore the universe just as your soul did before becoming entrapped on this planet?


When the great climate cataclysm, pestilence or World War Whatever is eventually unleashed, we will be reduced to cannibalism while our Ruling Elders, in their luxury spacecraft, flee to their palatial Dark Side Of The Moon manors.

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