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Letter To The Editor: In Praise Of Valiant, Local Journalism


Oh, how are thee, my arbiter’s of the public forum!

Yes, you’re a besieged and disparaged class!

But, here, of this lowly, local caste, you’re revered servants of the people!

Yes, you, the stewards of local muckraking, are free of the monied, corporate interests of your Mega-Media compatriots! You’re not stifled by the agendas of millionaire and billionaire benefactors! Indeed, the days of Hearst and his scribblers of Yellow Journalism have passed!

We’re indeed in the era of small, local and organic news!

I not only have an online subscription and daily delivery of your print version—an excellent, ecological liner for the kitty litter pan, indeed!—but I have become your newest sponsor on Patreon!

I recently pledged to your ‘Bestower Tier’ and I’m delighted with my ‘goodies’ so far: The ‘Support Your Local, Debt-Slave J-School Grad’ sticker has been added to the collection on my Volvo’s back window—right next to that worn, but still vibrant in its sentiment CO-EXIST insignia—and oh, the behind-the-scenes videos of your staff scrubbing Twitter Trends for topical news stories was enlightening! No wonder your young, adversarial staff of writers has tremendous journalism school debt! This old codger could never imagine lazily using technology to craft such independent, free-thinking news stories!

Also, that ‘Bestower Tier’ gives me access to your tremendous, content filled podcast!

I must say, this old Charles Kuralt fan has been fascinated with the tone of the podcast! How serious social and economic issues of both the national and local are distilled in a conversationist, jocular and ‘Valley Girl Explains It All’ delivery! Unbiased knowledge made accessible for our most vulnerable, smartphone addicted! 

(Will you also be considering a YouTube channel in the future?)

In our Trumpian Times, there is nothing more important than undermining public opinion when it comes to school board and borough council meetings! 

Remember, Democracy Dies When Pathological Fear-Mongering Is Considered Newsworthy!

But again, I, like many in this community, rely on the esteemed intellects of the Editorial Board to form and dictate the public opinion!

So, kudos to your tireless altruism!


Fletcher Wilhelm-Dubois III, PhD.

From An Affluent, Academic Neighborhood In New England

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