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Jeffrey Epstein And Useful Idiots...


Conspiratorial narratives become entangled, their subplots convoluted, their infinite cast of characters drifting from importance to peripheral, and eventually, as the plot collapses, into oblivion…

It’s all a swirling, polychromatic hallucination induced by Thomas Pynchon and accompanied by the delirious narration of Alex Jones.

Oh, shit…I forgot all those tantalizing scenarios devised by Q-Anon cryptologists!

Yes, this whole Jeffrey Epstein story is just so damn…


It’s fucking boring.

You were gasp surprised he died?

Useful Idiots always die.


If you’ve ever submitted yourself to some hierarchical structure such as The Corporation, Politics, Academia, Activism, Media or any Career, you’ve encountered The Useful Idiot.

Some Useful Idiots are indeed idiots.

The Idiot variety is unable to comprehend their manipulation, the depths of their mental, emotional and physical captivity. They dutifully self-flagellate, smiling and praising their Higher Ups for the opportunity to bleed.

Another species of Useful Idiots are vapid, duplicitous, boot-licker aspirants of all things prestige and materialism.

They’ve gleefully sacrificed themselves to their Higher Ups for money, promotions, titles, Twitter followers, TEDTalks, Fellowships, etc…

They’re dogmatic amplifiers of their Higher Ups doctrines. Useful Idiots such as this can be detected by their ardent, incessant recitations of jargon, tropes and Isms.

These Useful Idiots, for all their apparent cachet, are considered impermanent, interchangeable and disposable by their Higher Ups. Often, when their allotted usefulness has expired, they’re downsized, scandalized or venerated.

Finally, there is the Jeffrey Epstein Useful Idiot.

These Idiots are of brilliant, devious intelligence.

They’re misanthropes. Hollowed of morality and empathy.

This is a selective group entrusted with secrets and employed in sinister enterprises.

Because of their stature, they have gained access to unimaginable luxury and hedonism. 

Eventually, some of these Idiots become jaded. Reckless. Potentially exposing the secrets of their Higher Ups.

They are eliminated.

Other times, after years of debauchery, riches and being a dutiful servant of their Higher Ups immoral business practices, these Useful Idiots are simply replaced.

Replaced by elimination.

Of course, these Useful Idiots have always been prepared for that moment of replacement elimination. There has never been any ambiguity regarding their retirement fate, only the date and time their Higher Ups planned the farewell party.



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