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Idiot Boxes And Social Class...


The Idiot Box, with its formidable, cathode-ray tube glass display, encased with imitation, laminate wood grain panelling, squatted on the shag-green carpeting of our living room.

It was an aesthetically vulgar contraption of modern technology.

The television’s innards, those circuits and tubes receiving and decoding all those cable box transmissions into alluring advertisements of Yuppie Lifestyle Consumerism, was malevolent, according to my Father. 

‘Turn off that goddamn MTV. All those videos, with their flashing and clipping, put you in a trance…Go outside, read a goddamn book.’ My Father would seethe.

Now, The Idiot Box is a portable, sleek glass rectangle of mesmerizing scrolling. 

Lifestyles are now the purview of twenty-something blondes Instagramming their visits to Paris.

Advertisers now compile all those likes bestowed upon Lifestyle Influencers as you scroll-scroll-scroll away your mental capacity…

But, of course, these Boxes continue to transmit curated content.

My cathode-ray tube era of Three Letter Network Teleprompter Readers posing as respected Journalists, have now been replaced with Blue Check-Mark Advocates reading from their Think-Tank, NGO sponsored Trendable Talking Points.

The Young seem incapable of turning-off their modern idiot boxes.

Hell, is there even a Father to scold them into momentarily exchanging their smartphones for sunshine and words printed on paper?

Nah, he’s just as transfixed with Liking that Lifestyle Influencer whose white bikini bulges with her Hollywood-plastic-surgeon enhanced breasts…

But, north of Hollywood, in Silicon Valley, Technocrat Father’s are limiting and even discouraging these idiot boxes.


From The Factory Class, to The Knowledge Class and even Richard Florida’s Creative Class, socioeconomic stratification is always transforming humanity.

In the future, children who have been dissuaded or restricted in their use of technology, will evolve into a new social class.

This class will be able to decipher the illusory, curated images and language of our purveyors of Fake Culture, Fake News and our future, Artificial Intelligence created reality of Deep Fakery.

In an Age when your idiot box attaches to a headset, immersing your eyes, brain and mind in virtual reality, those that are able to analyze patterns of deception utilizing logic, rationality and creative thinking, will flourish in a society awash in Artificial fakery…


Also, from that exalted sphere of Critical Thinkers, there will be those who envision their cognitive powers as divine supremacy. 

These select few will be the Creators, Curators and Leaders of a new generation of innovative, hypnotic Fakery. 


But, what if you were a child raised outside that privileged caste of Silicon Valley?

A child of The Middle Class? A child whose parents were skeptical of idiot boxes? Parents who encouraged nature and day dreaming? Who limited your interactions with idiot boxes?

What would happen if you challenged The Fakery surrounding you? You began to exhibit those socially outmoded, even—like it was some Technocratic dystopia—abolished skills of logic, rationality and creativity?

Would you be ridiculed? Demonized? Ostracized?


You know what, when you think about it, the future wouldn’t be any different than our past or our present…

So, All Hail The Singularity!

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