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Meditation: A Follow Up To EP29 Of The Weekly Cynic Podcast

In Episode 29 Of The Weekly Cynic Podcast, I recommend meditation for those Opting Out…

In my early twenties, I studied Zen meditation, but, at times, I found it regimented, as though I was being punished for any slight mental infraction, my Zen master lashing me with his sharpened bamboo rod.

A few years ago, as I wrestled with my anxiety, insecurities, toxic relationships and truthseeking—which, as I write this, is still ongoing—I began to reignite my practice of meditation.

Instead of returning to the Zen of my early twenties, I wanted something that seemed more…organic. More attuned with my inner-self.

I didn’t want doctrines and dogma.

Hell, I didn’t even want a practice.

I simply wanted to reinvigorate my mind.

So, like some desperate Millennial seeking guidance, I ventured to YouTube.

I found the above video.

I’ve found this gentleman’s guidance to be practical, soothing and immensely satisfying.

I’ve recommended this video to friends who are leery of meditation and it’s accompanied spiritualism or mysticism.

And, again, I have no doctrines or dogma to preach.

I just want to help those on their own path of Truthseeking…

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