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New EP Of The Weekly Cynic Podcast: All The Angry Young Men & Opting Out


When the social conventions that bind society are disintegrating or deemed a variety of Isms, how does one cope with the collapse? How does one find meaning?

In 2019, as we lumber toward the self-immolation—or, is it a sacrificial conflagration?—of 2020, all the young men are restless and embittered, their existential tensions exacerbated by YouTube.

Or, Radicalized by YouTube.

Yes, in the news and Twittersphere, there is another drab article blithering about the abyss of Alt-isms on YouTube.

But, if you’re of The Young—GenZ’ers and Millennials—you would think this radicalization is symptomatic of our Trumpian Age.

Sorry, this is another trite, recycled narrative of The Media Industrial Complex.

A Moral Panic.

A Moral Panic, that in the 1980s & 1990s was called, All The Angry Young Men.

Those Angry Young Men were Militia/Anti-Government/Unabomber-ish/Neo-Nazis…

(Yeah The Nazi trope is recycled, too…)

How does a Young Truthseeker find…the truth…and…solace?

By Opting Out.

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