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New EP Of The Weekly Cynic Podcast: The Streaming Wars


Years ago, the cord was cut…

We were given a glimpse of freedom.

But, it was simply an illusion.

You know, kinda like being born on Planet Earth.

But, this time, it was our cable television cord, that was cut…

Exorbitant prices, thousands of unwatchable channels and…how many times can you pay for a premium movie channel that simply replays Die Hard?

So, we subscribed to high speed cable and Netflix, maybe Hulu and some other streaming packages.

It was cheap.

We were free…

Years later, Big Media has galvanized itself against the decentralization of the internet. They own more and more of our media content. They don’t want to lose their marketshare. They want to recoup all that chord cutter profits.

Actually, they want everything.

Everything within their own sphere. Their own brand. Their own infrastructure.

Let the Consolidation Begin!

We, The Downtrodden Consumer, the simpletons who only want to be entertained, will be the casualty of these future consolidation wars.

But, Netflix, the Originator, will survive.

They’re, as the Brits love to say, “A Streaming Giant.”

But, is that true?

As a GenX’er who lived through decades of Media Consolidation…


Netflix has some insane debt-to-cash-flow ratios…

They’ve reached peak subscriber.

All those billions spent on original programming is only increasing their debt.

People would rather binge The Office than Stranger Things.

What’s gonna happen?

A Snarky, Eye-Rolling Investigation Of Netflix, Silicon Valley, Wall St And Our Corporate Overlords Ensues On EP28 Of The Weekly Cynic Podcast…

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