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Sunday, Scoffs And Smirks: Edition 8

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A Newsletter That’s Not A Newsletter…

A Scoffing, Smirking Review Of The Week

(This Will Eventually Be A NEWSLETTER Newsletter…One Delivered To Your Preferred Email Address…Along With Other Writing…Details In The Near Future)

Do-Gooders & Feeding The World…

As a long-time cord cutter—and yes, if I had children, I would home school them—the incursion of commercials, these rapid, condensed snippets of Prime Time television Corporate propaganda into my Roku universe has been disheartening, but fully expected.

Those of us who sought solace from the maddening, hynotic effects of consumerism, are now subjected to the jarring, mid-stream intrusion of some Harvey Weinstein victim shilling cancer causing shampoo.

(Edward Bernays is smiling in Illuminati Heaven.)

My new favorite happens to be a Microsoft emblazoned bit MC’d by everyone’s favorite inspirational activist rapper, Common.

(He’s the Obama of Rappers.)

With it’s jaunty violin soundtrack, Common heralds the Artificial Intelligence led food revolution until giving the stage (figuratively) to an unnamed female, Australian-accented scientist—more than likely she’s an actress or a retired, guilt ridden college professor who can finally devote her time to giving back—who reads from what sounds like a UN, NGO talking points memo that Al Gore would reference at his latest 6-figure speaking engagement.

Throughout this ad-VER-TIS-ment (British Accented), are fields of lush greens with the Australian voice-over detailing dubious statistics such as, “By 2050, We Need To Produce 60% More Food.”

And, this darling:

“So, How Are We Going To Feed The World Without Wrecking The Planet?”

Wow, don’t you love the mind-set of today’s privileged—supposed—Academic/Activist/Corporate Scientist?

(I’m sure she would vote for AOC’s New Green Deal, too.)

Yes, everyday, at Bayer’s Monsanto Headquarters, I’m sure those very words, How Are We Going To Feed The World Without Wrecking The Planet? are scrawled on a whiteboard.

The World has long been wrecked, polluted and asset-stripped by globalist corporations such as Kodak, Dupont, Dow, Shell and Monsanto. Corporations that, I’m sure, all have contracts with Microsoft.

Anytime I hear some Do-Gooder preaching about Feeding The World, I return to those 1990s commercials of starving, belly bloated, fly bitten children of ravaged African villages.

Back in those days, the science community proclaimed GMOs as the savior to World Hunger.

Seems to be working out, because only a few years ago, American farmers had an abundance of ROTING CROPS.

From that Reuters article:

“World stockpiles of corn and wheat are at record highs. From Iowa to China, years of bumper crops and low prices have overwhelmed storage capacity for basic foodstuffs.”

Hey, Australian Scientist, the world’s farmers seem to be doing pretty good, eh?

But, I guess you need more money from Government and Private investors to feed the world, right? More money for your own research, development and writing? For your career.

Feed The World! Is just another Do-Gooder racket.

Like the racket Bono has been extolling for years.

Where’s all that money go, Bono? Africa is still famished.

Why, to financing the extravagant corruption and violence of African warlords!

Economist Dambisa Moyo spoke the truth many years ago…

In A Time Of Waning Trumpian #Resistance, Pennsylvania Legislators Vow To Recognize A State Amphibian…

AP Headline:

“Push resumes to recognize official Pennsylvania amphibian”

Ah, yes, my home state!

I enjoy these quaint stories of ineffectual policy making.

Does the sponsor of this bill, Senator Gene Yaw, still have his wife put the oven fresh apple pies on the window sill to cool? Because, evidently, everything here in the Keystone State is just gee willikers great! My Oh My, there ain’t no such thing as an opioid epidemic, Mister! Even our friendly neighborhood coroner, who is so numb to all the overdose deaths, probably feels like stabbin’ his veins with the junk to escape the human carnage!

“Oh, golly gee, JM! On the good Senator’s website he has opioids as one of his priorities! Look at all the bills he’s co-sponsored! He’s waging a good ol’ fight against the purveyors of pain and pills! Your cynicism is misguided!”


“And, JM! It’s just not a ceremonial designation! That amphibian you jest at is actually the Hellbender! And by elevating it to official status, we can protect it! Maybe save the species!”

Alright, alright… But, what about all that farm pollution? I mean, even if we protect this critter, isn’t all the farm run off, that manure and pesticides, just gonna kill that little sucker off?

“No. That’s not how it works.”


“Anyway, JM, by 2050 we need to produce 60% more food!”

Well, okay. But, we’re an agricultural state. And producing more food on more farms that aren’t environmentally compliant will just add to the waterway pollution, harming the Hellbender’s habitat, wouldn’t it?

“But, we need to feed all the starving children! Think of the children!”

Alright, this whole entry was a waste of my time, wasn’t it?

“Yes, probably.”

Millennials And Their Stock Purchases…

Okay, a slight deviation from the parameters of this weekly review.

I read this Zerohedge article on Monday.

Zerohedge swiped it from a Business Insider segment on…gulp…January 31st 2019.

So, okay, give me a break. I need it after that last disaster about Pennsylvania amphibians and shit…

Anyway, Millennials (emoji heart) the Mary Jane stock, brah.

From that Business Insider piece:

“More people own shares of the Canadian cannabis producer Aurora Cannabis than Apple on Robinhood, a free trading app popular among millennial traders, highlighting the "green rush" into marijuana by younger investors.”

Now, do you remember the last time Millennials went viral with a stock?


Yes, the most socially engineered generation in American history, just couldn’t get enough of Snap!

Until, the stock price tanked at $21.

Oh, today’s current SnapChat stock price?

9 bucks, brah.

It’s gonna be A-O-K, kiddies…

Uncle JM promises.

Your Rabbi Dreams Of An Entho-State…

Through DNA testing, evidently.

From The Forward:

“Tuesday, Judy Maltz reported in Haaretz that the Israeli Rabbinate, which controls conversion, marriage and divorce in Israel, is using DNA testing to verify a person’s Jewishness. Since a person who isn’t Jewish can’t marry a Jew in Israel, which has no civil marriage, the rabbinate is using the DNA test to deny people they consider non-Jews the civil right of marriage.

It’s a horrifying state of affairs. An immigrant advocacy center called ITIM has filed six complaints about the tests, mostly for former Soviet Jews. As Elad Caplan, the center’s director, told Maltz, “Judaism is about belonging and community – it’s not about race and blood, as our worst enemies have claimed.”

Continuing from The Forward:

“But the revelations about rabbis using DNA testing have a political component, too. For this is also part and parcel of a rightward turn Israel has fostered under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a turn that has Israel increasingly embracing ethno-nationalist policies.

And where ethno-nationalism goes, there follows the policing of bloodlines, of who is in and who is out, who is us and who is them.”


Richard Spencer, The Alt-Right kingpin, is quite a fan of this so-called Israel ethno-state, considering it the premise of his future United States.

In The Age of Globalism and the onslaught of cultural, social and Corporate mandated Diversity And Inclusion, human’s are having their natural tribal instincts tested.

Tested through DNA kits.

10 To 15 million Americans have had their DNA origins tracked.

Why are American’s obsessed with their genetic structure?

Has the blurring effects of Technology, Society And Time made us nostalgic for The Good Olde Days?

Those simple times of our ancestors?

“Yeah, when everyone was White, JM! That’s what you really mean, you racist! I can’t believe you even mentioned Richard Spencer! You must be Alt-Right or Alt-Right Adjacent!”

Or, are our Rulers, through their Corporate entities, just exploiting that existential uncertainty we have about our past and future, to build a global DNA database?

A profitable database, of course.

But, don’t worry, having all those Doctors, Scientists and Academics—not to mention Law Enforcement—having access to your DNA, is for your own benefit!

What a racket!

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