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Those Old Kids...


If you’re a child of the 1980s and 1990s, specifically someone like myself born into the psychological and cultural divide of GenerationX and Millennials, you’ve experienced an America in upheaval: deindustrialization, consumerism, rampant divorce, the proliferation of drug use—both prescription and illegal—among all socio-economic levels, our transparently corrupt Political System, a Government rigged by the MoneyMen who control The Banks and Military Industrial Complex, the glorification of parasitical Wealth, Grunge, Rap, the capital I Internet, riots, celebrity culture, 9/11, conspiracy theory and divisive, ideological driven Politics… And, yes, fuck, how much more did I neglect in my attempt to compartmentalize those singular decades?

But, what if that long list of societal, cultural and psychological turmoil, was just… noise. Black and white static of some annoying frequency that your internal antennae rerouted, none of it able to define you as a person, like liberal, conservative, Eddie Vedder over Kurt Cobain, Middle Class versus Martha’s Vineyard Vacation House.

You were just able to be You?

You, like Richard Ashcroft in The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony video, resolute in character and stride?


What if in the future, this resoluteness of character was the most vital means of survival? 

The World, under the duress of our cumulative history, suddenly… POPPED

How would you cope?

Lock and load? Mediate? Scramble to your bespoke, underground bunker?

What if you, Kid Of The 80s and 90s, had to lead Humanity?


I know, I’m just being paranoid. I should trust my future Millennial and GenZ overlords, right? Smiling away as The Boston Dynamic AI Battle-Bot tears me apart…

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