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The Great Gentrification


The City, that long mythologized realm of aspirational success, happiness and melting-pot marketing, appears—depending on your political and sociological source of expertise—to be in imminent decline. That much reviled and revered generation of activists and gig-economy serfs, The Millennials, are joining their jaded Boomer parents in suburbia. The New York Times and many others describe this phenomenon of urban flight as Peak Millennial. 

(I’m not even going to snark on that one…)

According to Peak Millennial studies, city dwelling Millennials will eventually find love, make babies and want green grass backyards with views of good schools. You know, schools that aren't urban. 

Wut, wait... I thought Cities, like ohhh, say everyone’s eden, New York City, with all its gleaming buildings and trash heaped sidewalks, exemplified the diversity, progressive politics and hustling entrepreneurship of Millennials? 


Yes, after decades of globalist central bank money printing, rampaging crony capitalism and do-gooder regulations like rent control (my Austrian Economist fan-boys are applauding), New Netherland is undergoing a self-immolating inflationary spiral of property and rent values. The City is vanishing, to borrow a term from the excellent blog—and now book—by Jeremiah Moss. Vanishing New York details how Big Property and Big Realty (financed by all those Crony Capitalist Bankers) reposition The City for profit, slicing and dicing through generations of spiritual history to unveil yet another bland boutique of curated urban chic.

Eventually, New York City will be stripped of all that diversity and resemble a 1990s strip mall. 

The future is just another grim dystopia of Corporatized, Government sanctioned gentrification: All those antiquey City storefronts will be replaced with sterile glass and beam, the owners of those stores Amazon subsidiaries whose neighborhood values of customer service will be grab&go and drone delivery. And, in those ethnic neighborhoods of romanticized starving artists and restaurants with red and white checkered tablecloths, gentrification surges street-by-street, building-by-building as all those Millennialist craft brewers and artisans seek cheap accommodations.  

You know, all the same people who preach diversity and inclusion. 

Ah, the irony.

But, in the aftermath of The Great Gentrification, those minority classes who remain, who survive, will be saved: Some will serve the gilded wealth of The New City, while others will reside in the newly refurbished tenements of Universal Basic Income. 

Netflix will be provided.

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