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Snark&Satire In The Safe Space Age


With winking satire, a dose of 1990s Kids In The Hall absurdism, and his usual gloating snark, Joel McHale has returned.

This latest incarnation of Talk Soup/The Soup could be considered a desperate attempt at revitalizing a floundering career by tapping into GenX nostalgia and streaming it to the younger, dominate cultural generations of Millennials and GenZ, all for the purpose of cultivating an audience in these hip demographics. 

But, that would entail these two generations of not only appreciating snark, cynicism, satire and absurdism, but understanding them outside the confines of their safe space world views… I know, I know, what can an Old Guy like me expect from kids who’ve been socially engineered on the fear of our Post-Columbine-9/11-Great Recession World? 

These are generations who seek protection from The World, who clamor for assurance, regulations and legislation from our most revered institutions. You know, the same institutions, like, I dunno, say, Academia, Media, Finance and Government, who’re responsible for creating and disseminating fear into The World.

So, how could one expect these burgeoning authoritarians—forgot to add benevolent--to relate to Snark, Cynicism, Satire and Absurdism, these mindsets and techniques that often provoke humanity to question our World, its Institutions and doctrines?


You can’t.

Understanding and appreciating subversion requires critical thinking, wrestling with logic, abstraction, objectivity, subjectivity and context. You will have to suspend your precious personal philosophies about The World. If you were in the audience of a comedy performance, you would have to lift your face from the screen of your iPhone and study the comedian’s facial reactions, like smirks and eye rolls; the intonations of their voice, to get it...

Or, just continue to stare into your phone and tweet to your bot followers about the acist comedian.

If anything, the return— and inevitable passing—of The Joel McHale Show will offer us a brief glimpse of hope as Humanity is prodded into its Brave New World of soma induced conformity.

All Hail The New Totalitarians! 

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