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Russian Dreams...


All around you, there is only AM and FM, but your brain is receiving a unique frequency, like a transmission from the mulitverse. But, this is not some middle of the radio dial static, or Lou Reed experimentation, this is a hypnotic mosaic of color and sound, the prophetic visions of God himself broadcast into your brain: There is going to be an event. Something seismic, like a California faultline in its penultimate shift, but without the catastrophic destruction, only… the balkanization of America.

Oh, well, that’s it? California didn’t fall into a Bill Hicksian Arizona Bay? Come on, my man—Oh, CNN has got some breaking news about Trump only using fluoride free toothpaste! See! I told you! He’s a nut!

Uh, speaking of Russia…

That whole balkanization of America bit has been theorized by a former KGB agent and Russian political scientist by the name of Igor Panarin. He predicted by 2010 The United States Of America would lurch into self destruction, a civil war erupting from “mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation.”  Ah, yes, three themes long debated and exploited by the social engineers of the political and media realms. 

Panarin made his prediction of America’s implosion in 2008, an election year reviled by conservatives and celebrated as a holy day by our Millennialist do-gooders. Even I, back in 2008, newly illuminated to the charade of our political processes from The Hanging Chad Debacle Election Of 2000, nearly, nearly voted for Barack Obama, a man who I predicated would be our last President…

Okay, like, Panarin, I kinda bombed this, but, hey, Peter Schiff has made a lucrative career of prophesizing economic doom everyday for, oh, I dunno, the past twenty years.  

So, why did I boldly pronounce that Barack Obama would be our last President? I had a pretty good historical overview of Presidential legacies and their cumulative, destructive effects. I mean, I lived through George Bush I, Clinton and then The Black Lodge Cabal Of Cheney-Rumsfeld, okay, I mean, King Georgie II--

Buh-buh-but, Jake! Obama needed another eight years to rectify America!


Will Der Trump undo or mitigate the policies and social conditioning of his predecessor?


Though, I’m gonna say it here, it’s quite possible Trump could be the president that fulfills Igor Panarin’s prophecy and splinters The United States into cultural and geographically regions.

So, maybe all along, Trump did collude with The Russians!

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