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Rowe'isms & Human Complexity...


Man Of The Flannel, Mike Rowe, whose blue-collar pragmatism stirs the Gram-Gram’s and Pap-Pap’s of Facebook (isn’t it just darling how both Boomers and Millennials cravenly devour the virtuous pablum of Hollywood actors, actresses and late night blatherers? You know, those stars who’re paid millions of dollars to recite words written by other people…) has dusted himself off from, I dunno, the wood pile to answer the call of his fanbase who, in the wake of the Florida school shooting, are desperate for some Reader’s Digest’isms to fortify the American idealism of their childhoods.

Mr. Rowe lists a variety of factors that may have contributed to our latest Angry Young Man, but instead of venturing into that deafening echo chamber of today’s NGO sponsored politics, he settles onto some folky talk about the universal struggle of goodness, evil and human agency. 

In this Age Of Ideologies, when context, rationality, subjectivity and objectivity have been engineered into dogma, complexity is abandoned.

We forget that the complexity of human existence and experience cannot be compressed into the moralist simplicity of Black And White or the stale political philosophies of Red Vs Blue or, er, Red Vs Blue Vs Marxist-Bernie-Progre—wait, I don’t care. But, if someone of a middle ground mentality that still relied upon on context, rationality, subjectivity, objectivity and not dogma, decided to examine decades of tribal politics to attempt an argument for the existence of The Angry Young Men, it may look something like this:

American Society Creates Disenfranchised Individuals Because Working Parent’s Are Slaves To The Capitalist-Consumerist-Debt Society (This May Also Be Linked To Early Feminism That Empowered Home Making Mothers And Families To Abandon Traditional Values And Enter The Work Force Leading To Even More Taxation) That Has Condemned Their Children To Being Raised By Corporate Owned Day Care, The Failing Government Education System And Social Media. Both Parents And Children, Doomed By This Soulless, Valueless Society Self Medicate With Big Pharma, Whose Profit Over People Ethos Is Comparable To Gun Manufacturers And The Military Industrial Complex Whose Nationalist Propaganda Glorifies Gun Violence. Oh, And Hollywood, Too.

I dunno, was that too complex? Too naive? Not enough isms? 

It doesn’t matter. If it can’t be hash-tagged by Blue-Check-Mark Shills or Russian Bots, who cares!

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