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Online Dating Experiment


Our visionary, genius entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley—ok, let’s be honest, they’re Technocrats--have long touted the benefits of the Internet: Collectivism, Extremist Politics and…Love.

Yes, when humans aren’t condemning, doxxing and race-baiting each other online, they’re searching for love. Or, their next STD ridden hook-up.

For the beautiful and the bored, there is a globalized assortment of smiling profile pics promising 50 Shades of Mind Blowing Sucking And Fucking.

But, for the lonely and the timid, those yearning for good hearts, these dubiously titled “dating” sites and apps, afford little romance.

After weeks, months and years on these sites, The One never messages.

Hopefulness segues into yearning, yearning becomes disappointment, disappointment deteriorates into hopelessness.

Finally, for the hopeless online dater, those emotions transform into bitterness. 

You become the resentful guy at the end of the bar, drunkenly vilifying every bitch that walks through the door.  

You’re the woman donning your Pussy Hat and adopting every cat at the human society.

You wish a fiery scourge upon any and all those wearing wedding rings.

Eventually, you return to your account, delving back into that ocean of disappointment, employing your photographer friend to snap some Instagram-friendly candids or download a bunch of apps to beautify all those selfies you took from the drivers seat of your car—Why is this a thing?

And, finally, after 10 years of brutalizing your soul, you realize, Fuck It. It’s not going to happen… Look at how old I am. There’s another two generations battling for the hipster-bearded hottie and the tattooed, vegan blonde princess. 

You will close your account, but not before a little…experiment?

This is the premise of episode 4 of The Weekly Cynic Podcast. 

My friend, realizing all those years of clicking on profiles was Sisyphean hopelessness, asked himself, Does The Average Looking, Good-Hearted, Classic Values Guy—albeit one with a dark sense of humor—Actually Have A Chance? 


But, What About A “Good Looking Guy?”

Not too Hugo Boss, not too Millennial Urban Lumberjack.

Just a Good Looking Guy With A Heart Of Gold?

My Friend’s conclusion? 

Dark truths, man, dark truths.

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