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Conor Lamb & Pennsylvania Politics...


Our Millennialist arbiters, the generation whose political history and knowledge is encapsulated by Obama’s eight years, responded tepidly, even diffidently to Conor Lamb’s supposed victory in Trumplandia Pennsylvania. 

The California Resistance and its counterparts at the Democratic National Corporation are also feigning victory, the corner of their lips bitten and bleeding as they begrudgingly recite from their talking points about America The Blue!

Why? Because Conor Lamb ain’t one of them.

He is not a raging, radicalized adherent of hierarchical victimhood, an activist who spends their billionaire benefactor’s millions to mobilize for change, yearning to use the coercive force of government power to enforce equality. I mean, the guy’s not Eric Holder. 

He’s a Moderate Democrat. 

Oh, No!

Yes, Pelosi, Perez, Soros and all the other Obama’ites cringe at that term.

But, hey, at least he’s not a media fabricated, Hollywood endorsed carpetbagger like Jon Ossoff!

So, is Conor Lamb just another generational politician, or a harbinger of the ideological implosion awaiting The Democrats, The Social Justice Warriors versus The Return Of Yesteryears Blue Collar Schtick? Or, is it Pennsylvania’s demographics, particularly in Mr. Lamb’s region, that were the transforming factors in this campaign?  Was his win really about ousting some relic of the Tea Party, or just ridding America of another extremist sub-culture, The Christian/Religious/Whack Job Right?

Maybe, this Conor Lamb victory is a blip, just another disposable story injected with rhetoric to keep the whole Political ecosystem prof-prof-profiting away. 

Either way, listen to this week's episode of The Weekly Cynic, where I delve into the unremarkable ascendancy of Conor Lamb.

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