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Avenatti, Mooch & The Big Club Of Celebrity


When you saw the photo, how did you react?

Did you have one of those Trumpian Era snort-gags of astonishment? The morning coffee searing those subterranean nostril filaments—okay, let’s be honest, at this point, we can classify them as Whiskers—as your thumb halted its scrolling along the Breitbart headlines…

How?How? The Young hyperventilated, hands quaking, Starbucks sloshing onto the backseat of their Uber as they shouted at HuffPo. This! This was just another example of how this Presidency, and its cronies were enriching their cabal while sullying The Office!


hat fantastical realm of unicorns, rainbows and puppy dog kisses have you been hallucinating through all these years?

For the rest of us, it was the Political Status Quo: an unapologetic, blatant scheme between these fictitious warring tribes of Red vs. Blue, with just a tinge of absurdism.


On the left of the picture, is The Dubious Lawyer, whose exuberant grin reveals a gilded future of multi-million dollar book deals, speaking engagements and television expertise. His legacy will be immortalized with a Hall Of Fame bronze bust placed among the Robert Shapiro’s and Johnnie Cochran’s.

And, beside him, is the Mafioso Brawler of Long Island bravado, whose remembered for those ostentatious cufflinks bulging from the sleeves of his suit as he brutalized Fakenewers and Trump’s sniveling, blotchy faced Alt-Right pseudo philosopher.

There, both of them stand, posturing for Hollywood Fame.

Of course, both Avenatti and Scaramucci can deflect and rationalize the criticism, they weren’t actively pursuing such tawdry concepts, talent agencies and intermediaries were simply networking for possible, future commitments

Because, Avenatti, as The Dubious Lawyer, is fervently representing The Porn Heroine, who represents America’s last hope for toppling Trump’s totalitarian rule!

And, The Mooch is…uh…well… parlaying his 15 Minutes Of Fame into NY Post tabloid headlines.

As George Carlin would say, both are part of The Big Club.

he Racket.

No Different than Kim Kardashian’s ass.

Wait. Kim Kardashian? 

Wasn’t her father Robert Kardashian? The Lawyer, who along with Robert Shapiro, represented OJ Simpson?

Huh. Funny.

Carlin was right.

Those Old Kids...

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