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The Future Is Fine. Really, It Is... Headlines From November 13, 2018 Headlines From November 13, 2018

This morning, scrolling through Zero Hedge, I smirked at these two headlines, of how their publishing times portent of some dystopian future.

But, I shouldn’t worry, should I?

There’s a caravan horde approaching…

Democratic subterfuge in Florida…

The New American Civil World Deepening…

I smile.

It’s fine.

The Future is our savior, right?


The Future is blindingly bright, we've been promised. A glorious technological utopia that even those Jeston’s animators were unable to imagine in their quaint attempts at predictive programming.

Yes, for those of us generationally entrapped in America’s caste system, we are indeed blind. Blinded to how our Rulers and their servants in the convoluted and incestuous industries of Media, Academia, Politics and Silicon Valley are rewiring and recoding our future.

But there is no need to worry.

Our Leaders—the moniker given to our Rulers servant classes—are benevolent, visionary and endowed with mystical knowledge that you and I, the warehousemen, accountants and middling managers are unable to comprehend.

That’s why they Lead Us, Jake… Duh.

Yes, too many of us are burdened and exhausted by the anxieties of subsistence in America’s 21st Century caste system. Our limited intellectual time, those moments we could devote to the complexities of our future, are instead squandered on the curated trivialities of the dominant Millennial culture, where entertainment is no longer mindless diversions from our everyday drudgery, but transformed into ideological lifestyles of outrage and activism.

Authentic, personal expression or Art is deemed problematic.

Our public discourse, where once the Everyman or Everywoman could glean insight into our future, has been reduced to self-righteousness and demagoguery.

Rational, objective, and skeptical inquiry is stigmatized and demonized.

Dogmatic collectivism prevails.

Of course, it’s fine.

The future will be fine.

Just stop it, Jake! The World and its transformation is simply due to generational forces and the cyclical nature of human beings! There is no great, grand conspiracy! Damn your doom, gloom and cynicism! Look around you, what’s changed since you were a kid?

The great, grand transformation, that rewiring and recoding of Humanity is incremental. The effects obscured by the theoretical jargon and entertainment of our Rulers servant classes.


I know, I know, life, in our Millennialist culture with its delusional positivity can be distilled by any number of Medium articles entitled How ___, 10 Things… and Why ___.

Oh, and The ‘Isms.

Jake, It’s fine. 

Don’t worry. 

I’m mean, if you didn’t vote, Jake, you can’t have an opinion, anyway! 

It’s alright, one day, while I’m sitting in the courtyard of my Amazon Workers Tenement—excuse me, I mean’t—Condominium Complex, marveling at the chemtrail burnt sky, I will have no need for contemplation of the future. I will simply smile and press my hand implant, downloading the latest headlines from Vox into my brain.

If I’m lucky, that implant will Ping, alerting me to being downsized, my position at the Amazon warehouse replaced with an Artificially Intelligent robot worker.

But, it will be fine.

I mean, I wouldn’t have to worry about being homeless. Or, worrying about rent. Or, hell, that mythical mortgage.

Nope, I will be able to keep my small, one bedroom hovel at The Amazon Condominium Complex because all I will have to do is authorize Amazon as the recipient of my Universal Basic Income and they will convert that to a monthly credit.

I mean, I will be able to get my entertainment, food, clothes—Everything I need to subsist from Amazon!

And, secondly, where else would I spend that Universal Basic Income?

It’s fine.

Everything will be fine…

The Future is bright.

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