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The older I become… Wait. Maybe, it's the longer I am able to survive this living, breathing and ever evolving organism called Planet Earth, the more it appears to be an elaborate laboratory devoted to the experimentation of human beings.

Everyday, our deranged, diabolical Overlords, Deep-Staters, Shadow Men, Illuminati, Reptilians, Republicans or whatever raving conspiracy theorist moniker you wish to assign, inject us—infect us?—with various toxins.

Wait… Sorry.

These dastardly doers Inject us with stimuli. 

Their favorite? Fear. 


Since our most primitive iterations, Humans have always been susceptible to FEAR!

Lightening slashing the sky… The Gods Are Angry!

You’ve deviated from the sacred religious tract… Damnation!


And, in our modern times, such as The Election of 2016, humanity has undergone a Clockwork Orange dose of FEAR!

Everyday, you, dear reader, are being targeted by RussiansWhitesBlacksLatinosHispanicsGayMenLesbiansTransgendersHeteroSexualsLiberalsRepublicansSocialistsRacistsChrisitansCatholicsJewsMuslimsThePoliceMigrantsImmigrantsANDBillionaire Capitalists for your oppression, repression and… death!

A few months ago, when the social engineers were preparing us for doomsday with North Korea, Hawaii underwent an injection of Fear! as a programmer errantly selected the missile defense alert! option on their workstation…

Sorry, everything is okey-dokey, Hawaii’s beloved Authority Figure’s assuaged their quivering populace.

Humans, of course, when confronted with jarring, unnerving times as these, retreat to sources of Authority (as we’ve been conditioned) for guidance and solace. Well, what happens when your Authority Figures, such as The News, Government Officials and The Political/Cultural Class all inject you with Fear!


Over the last few months, my daily perusal of such political sites as Slate, Truth Dig, AlterNet, Breitbart and The Daily Wire, reveals a new undercurrent of Fear!: A Second Civil War.

“Jake, I have no fear about this shit. Me and The TankBoys can take on any of those effeminate, basement dweller Lefties!”

Okay, how about another scenario that combines undercurrents of the conspiracy fan-boys, with that of our warring, salivating, screeching tribes of the political duopoly: What if the Chinese Government, in retaliation to The Orange One’s Trade War, unleashed an EMP attack that paralyzed our entire electrical grind, sabotaging our digital dependent life?

“Jake, I got all the necessary hard assets and powered food. I’ve been listening to Peter Schiff and Alex Jones for years! Buying all those gloom and doom newsletters! Hell, I own a Zerohedge t-shirt!”

Sure-Sure… As the riots rage and the food deliveries are halted at the local Mart, see how many packs of Jelly Belly’s you get for all those stacks of gold! Whattaya do, shave off a few flakes? And, I’m sure all you sneering urban, Ivy League Socialists will figure it out after the Trader Joes and Whole Foods have been plundered and burned. All those community organizing skills gotta come in handy for something, huh?

“See, you’re inciting Fear! too, Jake!”

Okay, let’s get serious, shall we.

Are you saving enough money for your children’s education? Are they in the proper pre-school? Are you even living in the right school district? Maybe you should considering moving… Yes, I know, the damn housing market! But, remember it’s all for the children! Oh, will they be active in youth sports? Participating in the right clubs? Volunteering? Have you talked to a financial adviser? Sure, they can loan all that money! but look how fucked the Millennials are! And, with all the raging liberals! on college campuses, are you sure you even wanna send your kid to a public university? Maybe they need to learn a trade? Do you really wanna be responsible for undermining your child’s life? You know how much rehab costs? Yes, being a parent is scary, but don’t worry, you’re white!

Also, when was the last time you called your Insurance Agent? With all the opioid addicts! and uninsured illegals! driving around, you wanna protect not only yourself, but your investment! And, don’t forget to invest in yourself! How many times a week are you working out? Consuming too much meat? Do you need a personal trainer? How is your stress level? I know, that’s a ridiculous question, as America’s economy crumbles, and people are just HEAPED onto the unemployment pile, it’s really tough out there… Especially when you got a mortgage, kids, credit card debt, insurance, college debt, my gawd, right? But, hey, another four years, when we head off to the voting booths, we’re gonna have real change this time, right? 

Yes, Fear! is the small print in even our most innocuous interactions. Why?  Because, Fear! is the most simplistic mechanism of control that our Ruler’s use to manipulate our primitive, vulnerable minds. 

It compels us to consume in the destructive wake of terrorist attacks! 

It impels us to vote! or democracy will be imperiled!

Fear! also creates massive amounts of profit! for our Rulers.

(That Profit! was to trigger all the Socialists!)

But, don’t worry, someday you will die!

No, seriously, when was the last time you were at The Doctor!  I mean, Cancer! is everywhere!  Do you really wanna burden your children with your death! Have you purchased burial plots? I mean, I have a really good Financial Advisor that you should talk to. He’s really all about what The Fed! is doing. Especially with this whole Russia! Thing, stuff is gonna get out of hand fast so you might wanna…

Oh, one last thing: When was the last time you updated your computer's virus protection! Do you really want Russian! Hackers! to steal your personal data! 

Do you?

You probably do, you Commie!

Letter To A Young Socialist