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The New Age Of Cynicism


The New Age Of Cynicism will not have a Black Swan like catalystThere will be no accelerating trends of higher consciousness, like Californians slurping Yoga-infused smoothies for karmic salvation. There will be no radical upheaval in social structures, The Three Letter Networks will be deprived of a ratings extravaganza televising the havoc.

The transition will occur as a series of trivial annoyances, mundane curiosities during daily interactions with fellow humans, those moments with your co-workers, friends and family that once sparked such hyperbolic gasps about Game Of Thrones, Lena Dunham Twitter rants and Instagram selfies, will now elicit smirks, snorts or shrugs. 

'You didn’t watch last nights episode where—‘

A yawning reply, ‘Nah…’

‘Gabriel’s new boyfriend grew that awful mustache… Did you see his selfie?’

‘Haven’t been on in so long, my phone logged me out…So, yeah, no. Oh, whose Gabriel?’

You will think to yourself,

‘They just haven’t had their Starbucks, today…’


‘They did just get that new un-ironic Nokia retro dumphone, right?’

No, that friend or co-worker, will have gradually vanished into the realm of The New Cynics...


The New Cynics are not technophobes, indie elitists or conservatives abstaining from the depravity of Hollyweird and Postmodernist culture. They’re not choosing sides and organizing #resistance, nor do they languish in globalist conspiracy theories.

For The New Cynics, life is a facepalming disengagement from modern existence and its increasingly perceived absurdist self-destruction with: an obsessive reliance on Technology; defining one’s Identity within collectivist ideologies, whether that be Geek Culture, or Activism; allowing one’s innate, unique humanness to be demonized or extinguished by coercive Politicalization and self-appointed moral and cultural arbiters such as Advocates, Curators, Leaders, and Innovators; and a willing subservience to the doctrines of corrupt Institutions such as Education, Politics, Religion and Business. 

Simply, The New Cynics perceive modern existence as an accelerating battle between innate, human sovereignty and collectivist rule.


The New Cynics transcend generational characteristics: They will be Boomers, GenX’ers, Millennials And GenZ’ers. 

Social stratifications will be abandoned, migrant fruit pickers and venture capitalists will acknowledge their shared disbelief with modern humanity.

But, eventually, this disengagement will become apparent, especially as the herding of humanity accelerates. Within Metropolises and Big Cities, as the self-appointed intellectual and moral class of Advocates, Activists, Curators, Leaders, and Innovators implement the doctrines of their ideologies, The New Cynics will become ostracized (not that they will feel ashamed) but, for survival, they will have to resettle. 

Small towns and villages (think of the much maligned MAGA/Fly-Over States), with their own independent ecosystems of culture and commerce will become hospitable to The New Cynics, who, with their varying ages, cultures, expertise and capital, will contribute to a real community of diversity and inclusion, one free of ideological coercion. 

As these small communities evolve outside the ideological grid, they will become self-sufficient, maximizing the balance of nature, technology and their citizen’s individuality. 

At this time, within the Metropolises and Big Cities, Advocates, Activists, Curators, Leaders and Innovators will have cannibalized each other for dominance, morphing into an Authoritarian Technocracy.

The Cynical Communities will eventually find their paradisiacal existence threatened by this new and vicious Authoritarian Technocracywho will strive to implement a universal doctrine of Human conduct via microchip implants


As the Authoritarian Technocracy emerges, The New Cynics will  be confronted with reality: the survival of humanity.

Will The New Age Of Cynicism transition to A New Civil War or The Singularity?

Resist Politics...

GenerationX Burnout...