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Letter To A Young College Activist

You’re a transformational generation, the pundits argue, thought leaders proclaim to their ardent congregations of Silicon Valley technologist-self-helper-do-gooders, You’re an epic feat of humanity, beings grown during The Age of Munificence, that vibrant time of central banking and technological excess… You’re of Wi-fi and Youtube, brain receptors sizzling with the stimuli of this internet universe. 

And there you stood, awaiting this global transcendence of humanity into a spirit of empathy, knowledge, tolerance, all the things promised by the Divine Orator of The Teleprompter, a man of audacious, courageous ideals. Of Change. 

Buh Buh Buh, what changed?


And now? You chant, stomp, a cadence of combustible anger across the college campus, exhorting The World To Change, that White Men In Blazers With Elbow Patches better fucking listen to your hashtag revolution.

You’re being derided, dismissed. I understand. You’re scared, because, though you may not know it, you’re at the precipice of a Great Collapse. All The Great Noble Institutions of Government, Education, Media and oh, Capitalism are failing, are frauds, are endemic phonies. They have failed You.

(Also, It’s Crony Capitalism that has failed you. Not Capitalism… That’s an entirely different blog entry.)

It’s The Great Noble Institutions of Government, Education, Media and (Crony) Capitalism that are your enemies, that are the rot of this planet and culture. These Great Noble Institutions market  illusions, philosophies, divisiveness and easy solutions. They indoctrinate and placate. Racism, Inequality, Debt, Unemployment, War, Poverty… these are a few of their favorite marketable things.



You, young activist, with your anger and disillusionment, are being commodified. With every Vine, Instagram, Tweet, you may think your cause is disseminated to world-wide followers, and indeed it is, but all those clicks, views, repins, retweets, reblogs, are simply distorted to numbers by some horrid, proprietary analytical program whose reports are presented to the mitts of avarice shareholders. 

Your Professor? To them you’re just another statistic published in some jargon leaden academic journal.

Favorite Politician? Another vote, another year to scheme monies from lobbyists and ensure a fatter pension. 

Don’t allow your demands for Real Change to become political coercion, which entails laws, which means you’ve bought into The Great Noble Institutions favorite marketable term, Democracy… Hasten The Great Collapse by rejecting your saviors, whether political, technological, philosophical, as all of them are sell-outs, forever cultivating bullshit to make a buck as their lives, careers, tenures, and pensions are predicated on commodifying the absoluteness of The Great Noble Institutions illusions.

Then, maybe, there will be real freedom.