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Letter To A Young Voter


Last night, for a portion of The Young, there was annihilating disbelief. For some, quaking terror. Others, abandonment and rampage. Today, there is a sense that Your America is vanquished. That a stubborn, college-dropout, Appalachian voting class has commenced its rule of pitchforks and pointy white hats.

In 2000, we had The Election Of The Hanging Chad and its aftermath of eight incomprehensible years of everyone’s favorite Yalie Rancher Georgie Bush, whose black magic cabinet members joyfully enriched themselves through bombs and spying. Afterwards, there was to be a reign of magnificent, divine transformation, a repudiation of all that was anti-American, as Barack Obama ascended, stirring our hearts and watering our eyes with great proclamations of Change. 

Then, another eight years later, more candidates emerged, demanding even more Change, screeching and spewing their vile and bile, boasting about draining, berning and aligning yourself with some sort of feminist prestige...


For those who’ve pulled themselves from the tearful heaps of human despondency, peeled that I Voted sticker from your shirt and then unleashed some hashtags about movements, moving and mourning on Twitter, let me say, you’ve lived through the most heinous and illuminating election evah. (Pronounced my buddy in Boston, who of course, meant ever.)

Do not worry about America, it's an illusion, a failed philosophy, Spielbergian propaganda. 

This was an election that exposed America. Wikileaks disclosed the inherent, systematic, self-serving, self-aggrandizing machinations of The State, The Parasitical Political Class and its sycophant media. This great, grand ideal of Democracy and Benevolent Government Leadership is a sham.

Bernie found that out. Oh, wait, Bernie was bought out.

Politicians are not saviors, are not interested in racism, feminism, equality and whatever else the Three Letter Networks decreed. No, its about attaining and maintaining power to enrich themselves and their cronies.  

These Three Letter Network Pundits always refrain from critical thought and continually revert to their script of catchphrases like racism, immigration blah blah blah… You know, that script approved by the ruling Political Party, the one who wines and dines those pundits.

Why believe all those New York City Ivy Leaguers who chatter on about their analytical election predictions? Those figures didn’t turn out, uh? Maybe baseball statistics really is their thing.

You may have averted your eyes and brain during this election, stating Wikileaks is Russian, ok? That only those who have high school diplomas, that don’t reside in a Blue State, believe this Alex Jones shit, because, you know, they’re mad that undocumented immigrants took their shitty, manual labor jobs. Because, that’s not the America Where You Live…

Outrage, like this, is simply diversion and divisiveness, stoking the eternal battle of Red vs. Blue, so The Three Letter Networks, The Parasitical Political Class and hell, Jack @ Twitter can ensure profit. 

Four years from now, there will be another election, another cycle of blaming, shaming and shouting, and the only thing you should question is, Do you really want your brain, body and soul to be ruled?